husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement


Paul, I purchased the Husqvarna YTA24V48 with the CVT RS800 transmission in it the other day. The drive belt and variator belt. I simply dropped the rod end back in place and was back to mowing. Because all of us are used to a lawn tractor gearbox or tranny being quiet we automatically think the tranny is going bad because we can hear the gear noise. I feel the B@S and the kohler motor are very comparable. Having to buy a manual transmission for hills is a thing of the past. Also considering the 2390 ($1,453) w/ the 22 HP B&S V-Twin. 877-346-4814. Part number is 378 on the drive assembly diagram. It has parts ordering info and the service manual. It was delivered w/o the clip. Repair Parts Manual Manual De Repuestos YTA24V48 / 96045005400 Please read the operator's manual carefully and make sure you understand the instructions before using the machine. I test drove one the other day, (#98643) and it had a pedal for both Forward and Reverse. Here is link to the best price for the 98642: To View and Purchase Online: Save big on lawn & garden appliances! Hi Arty, The only thing the left foot pedal does is to release the tension on the belt from the engine to the transmission. It is interesting that only the store manage can authorize that exchange. Well i put aprox 20 hrs on the machine and I noticed grease on the left inside rear wheel. Parts Catalog Sections. A lot of the problems that look like a bad transmission are simply dirt and debris that has built up around the linkages on the top of the trans. Who makes the Craftsman models with CVT tranny? I have an air compressor so I use the blow gun. Price? The Craftsman 20391 and the YTA24V48 are pretty much the same tractor. First one leaked oil (exchanged it), second one made terrible engine noise (exchanged it). Thanks Paul – i went with the 20390 based on your reviews. There is no way to put more oil in it. Paul I’m debating between the Husqvarna YTA22V46 and YTH22V46. Hi Martin, I’m not a mechanic. Required fields are marked *. There is a belt installation guide on the bottom side of the left footrest. Read that the automatic is made by Husqvarna and the pro is made by mtd, don’t know if that makes a difference. Buy a new sealed gas can and use fuel stabilizer all the time. Owned a mf 50 23 iz tractor. Let’s fix the issue with the Sears guy first. Hi Paul. Paul, Do you know if GT has addressed the leaking axle seal issue yet in the RS 800 transmission ? After Christmas I will be detailing some specifics about both transmissions. CVT is faster but can you really mow at 8MPH? Do you want red or green in your garage? Your email address will not be published. View more. Have one to sell? Part Title . Same performance . Could this be a spring or something loose on the transmission. I have the T3200… you are on point in all your responses.. the thing is light and looses traction easily. All of the Husqvarna YTA tractors use Briggs. But, I don’t trust the RS400 transmission. I have a relatively flat yard that easily meet the terrain specs for the unit. They only care that it goes down the road and that the dealer will fix it when it breaks. Today, over 100 leading cars have drivetrains using CVTs. They welcomed the mower’s power, speed, and great cuts. illustrated parts list (ipl) chassis / frame decals drive electrical engine mower deck / cutting deck mower lift / deck lift schematic seat steering wheels & tires other documents. Thanks for your reply. @Mike, The RS 800 is used in the T1600, T3000, T3200, and T3400 Craftsman Yard Tractors, What about the T2200 I am trying to decide between the t3000 and the t2200. One is used almost everyday to pull a trailer full of dirt, mulch, rocks, etc. The way I deal with it is to use a leaf blower and stick it through the rear wheel wells on both sides of the mower and blow the debris out AFTER EVERY USE. But the reverse gears were straight cut. No one makes a yard tractor that will handle ground engaging tasks. I do like Girl Scout Cookies but I dont like the way this story is crumbling. The grinding isn’t always constant, and it’s coming from the transaxle area. Don’t know which would be better the cvt or hydrostatic or the durability of each transmission. Would be most grateful for any advice you or your readers may be able to provide. It’s a good trans but not as strong as the one in the Craftsman. Most stores the L&G manager can make their own decisions. It has the smaller 50-inch deck which you will like for your yard and Craftsman has the largest selection of attachments for it. I have a 2014 Craftsman t1200 42 inch Lawn Tractor model no. 2020 The Best Residential Zero Turn Mowers, 2020 The Thirteen Best 42-46 Inch Zero Turn Mowers, 2020 The Sixteen Best 48-52 Inch Zero Turn Mowers, 2020 The Sixteen Best 54-72 Inch Residential Zero Turn Mowers, 2020 Cub Cadet ZT1, ZT2, ZT3 Zero-Turn Mowers. I did go and get the older model, so far I like it except the one time I was on a small angel and it decided to do the one wheel drive carp, wasn’t to happy with that. Plenty of other complaints like wanting a wider deck and sturdier steering but the shift is pretty easy to use. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. 90% of the time there is nothing wrong with your transmission – the top is just full of debris. Note: Use keywords or part numbers instead of full sentences for best results. CDN$31.44. The structure of the mower is effortlessly designed to help you sit and relax comfortably while you cut all of the grass in no time. Hi L.Reid, the parts diagram shows a washer and cotter pin. If your tractor is past the warranty parts are available nationwide. The models with CVT are 20385, 20390, 20391, 20393. Transmission Gear PTO Clutch Brake Pad Clutch Lever. @Gary, It’s an automatic. Need to know how the belt is routed around the pullies. I bought the Craftsman T 3000 in April 2014. It is EASY and FREE This new CVT in the Craftsman Yard tractors is a heavy duty unit and eliminates all the worries owners have had with the current crop of hydrostatic transmissions in the $1400 to $2500 tractor price range. It uses the General Transmission RS 800. Husqvarna YTH - Exploded View parts lookup by model. At times it will not go up hills in forward or reverse. @Rome, Tough Question. Hi Arty, Yes, The YTA24V48 is brand new. Both have the RS800 tranny but the 960420188 is a lighter tractor. Paul, interesting finding…. There is also an hour meter placed with a digital pre-programmed system which will make it easier for you to note the time spent mowing your lawn. The Craftsman has a better engine (Intek Plus) and a better 6 inch turning radius. He had brought a bunch of these into the country during 2014 and he had claims due to the Element V drives developing a grinding noise. Finally, there are no clutch packs inside the case. Shop online for barbecues, mowers, garden tools, generators, snow blowers and more at I’m sorry, but it’s just a gimick in my opinion. Paul does most of his writing out in his workshop where he feeds the wildlife and birds in the yard. They welcomed the mower’s power, speed, and great cuts. @Dave, Great, I’m going to spill the beans, I intend to give the 20390 a best buy rating. Hi Paul, I found your site after a fruitless search for clues for a solution to a recent transmission “noise” in my 2016 Husqvarna. Will this transmission hold the tractor back going down hills like my old craftsman with a 5 speed manual? Husqvarna YTA24V48 (96045005200) (Deck 48" 2015-07) Riding Lawn Mower Replacement Belt Original Equipment Manufacturer Husqvarna OEM Part Number B1532197242 Machine Riding Lawn Mower Model YTA24V48 (96045005200) (Deck 48" 2015-07) Belt Type 5LK/BK Kevlar VBG Replacement Id APPL684597 Technical Specifications: (Inches) (mm) Outside Circumference 139.00 3530.60 Top Width 0.63 15.88 Belt Home Depot: Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series GT 50 in. I have to say that I’ve been using the manual shift for the past 25 yrs and never wished I had anything else. The trans will shift into forward or reverse, but you have to bump the pedal to get it to stop. I suggest staying away from the JD D105. Am I correct in thinking this Ariens Machine is made in the same place as Craftsman ? My 25 yr old Craftsman with manual 6-speed transmission has finally given up the ghost. It will run around the yard a 8 mph but some owners don’t like the tall pedal. The replacement was exactly the same with the same dimensions, mounting points and pulley.My mower now goes about half the speed as new. Here is my article on the tractors that will. Both mowers are 17 years old and have never had a transmission problem. Now that my unit is out of warranty, if the transmission goes out again, I will not invest $1000 in another transmission. This is how I make money to keep this website up and running. Husqvarna YTA24V48 (96045005200) (Drive 2015-07) Riding Lawn Mower Replacement Belt Original Equipment Manufacturer Husqvarna OEM Part Number 197253 Machine Riding Lawn Mower Model YTA24V48 (96045005200) (Drive 2015-07) Belt Type 4LK/AK Kevlar VBG Replacement Id APPL672192 Technical Specifications: (Inches) (mm) Outside Circumference 101.00 2565.40 Top Width 0.50 12.70 Belt … yta24v48. I suggest you look through the 5 boxes to see if there is anything that helps you with this question. I hate to wrongfully return a good mower (I still have about a week). On the other hand, several consumers complained that the mower’s transmission tended to have issues often. Hi Mike, If you are buying every 4-5 years I’d stick with the hydro. Grainger's got your back. How do you keep the top of the transmission clean? Joined Mar 18, 2019 Threads 1 Messages 1. For $125 and with the bigger engine I definately appreciate your input. If it’s the v-belt that is only $45 and if it is the gearbox it wouldn’t move at all. Still on queue for technician repair for 6 June. When you put the right hand pedal in neutral then the internal brake sets automatically. Hi Robert, yes. Here are two articles on the tranny: Please read the faqs section in the second article. Hudson, WI – Do you know if any of the pro-series Craftsman tractors also use this transmission? Their is a slight whining noise coming from the transmission, also sometimes the mower moves very slow in reverse like it hasn’t engaged completely. 25081. 2020 Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX Zero-Turn Mowers – Better, Bigger, Badder! 1. Maybe you don’t know who the manufacturer of this part number is (918-04406)? After the first season, the transmission failed and had to be replaced. There is actually nothing wrong with that tranny and I have addressed that issue 100’s of times in the last two years. It’s almost like having cruise control, and when I turn at the end of a pass, I can just ride the clutch…which just loosens the idler on the drive belt. Is the V-Twin and any additional features on the 2390 worth the price over the 25583? Please help !!!!! You only need to use the left hand pedal to start the mower or to leave it stopped on a hill. You can install a bagger but nothing else. I bought a D105 June 2014. As usual, it’s not the actual transmission, but the installation from the tractor manufacture that is the problem. If comes with a Rs 800 or Rs 400 transmission? That said. BlazNT Lawn Pro. You are the first to know. Did you buy this at a Deere dealer or a box store? Looking for HUSQVARNA Transmission (41TR86)? The 25081 is very similar to the 20390 (t3000). To back the tractor pull the lever back. The framework of the lawn mower is black and orange which proves to be refreshing to the eyes. The Yard tractors like the Craftsman Model 20380 42″ 6-speed 19HP Briggs & Stratton Turn Tight® Riding Mower are made by Husqvarna and has the good-ole Peerless six speed in it. Driven tool RS800 GT79252-587086501 4.7 out of 5 stars 33. This one is a very good price this week. If it rests for a few hours, the machine can be ran again. Terrible customer service and machines built to be disposable. What can I do the tech said it would cost near 1000.00 to replace the trany. Be aware that Husqvarna does offer 3 other tractors with locking differential but the transmissions will not last using them for snow removal. See All. Hi John, nice to have you back! I thought it was part 29. Hi Derek, No, you are second person to ask for it since I wrote that short note 2 months ago so it has not been a priority. After being charged $530 at Deere’s service center, the department manager at Deere says this is normal and isn’t covered by warranty. Also, the Sears salesman said the Auto transmission on the 20374 and similar models was hydro… this true, or is the auto a CVT? Have a mechanic look at it and if the sides of that belt are shiny – replace it. So many of the parts are interchangeable between the four brands. Second cut of the season and yesterday the pedal kept … Hi L.Reid, Yes, It sounds like you broke the drive lever on the top of the trans. On the last drive belt, I got one that was 2″ shorter than OEM. If rested, the machine runs fine for another hour. I noticed last season that the tranny box makes more noise than it did when I bought it. Would I take any advantage of CVT transmission if my lawn is less than 0.75 acres, flat and most I will pull will be thatcher and few wagons of mulch, firewood or dirt per year. In fact you probably will never have to replace the CVT belt. Shop Parts; Appliances; Lawn & Garden; Heating & Cooling; … The first thing to fail is generally the forward clutch pack, which gives a shudder on take off when faulty. Inside the case is a series of metal and poly gears. We’ll see how long it takes to come off again? 2014 Garden Tractors They are all too big for 1 acre. The good news is you have a full 2 year defects warranty on the transmission. The pedal on the left side of the tractor is the parking brake. The Craftsman ProSeries 27048 50″ 26 HP V-Twin Kohler Garden Tractor w/ Locking Differential Sold online through The Craftsman, Cub Cadet, and Husqvarna are the only ones under $3500. (not LGT) they have a stronger transmission that will handle more weight than normal lawn tractors. Find all the parts you need for your Husqvarna Lawn Mower YTA24V48/96045005200/2015-07 at CVT transmissions like this will replace hydrostatic transmissions in lawn and yard tractors. Hi Michael, That automatic transmission is very similar internally to the manual transmissions that were in 1970’s and older cars. Now, your tractor may not have a warranty but you may be able to get parts through your Ariens/Gravely dealer. Once you figure out which part is broke have the tech give you the part number. That link is broken, and I have the older 2014 tranny. In the repair manual is a troubleshooting chart to help you figure out what is actually wrong. Dave Vogler, Saratoga, WY. If you had steep hills and lots of stuff to mow around the Craftsman would be a better choice. To see the linkages and pedal parts you need the model number under the seat. Hi Dan, the RS 800 is a stronger, faster transmission but it drives differently than the hydros so you may not like it. Here are two videos that you can use to troubleshoot the trans and clean the top of it. The pedal on the Craftsman 20390 is a little taller than the pedal on the Craftsman 20438 and some people complain that it is too tall for small feet. I have a Husqvarna YTH2448 the transmission will jerk from time to time almost like I am suddenly applying and releasing the brake, the speed doesn't matter as it will do it at any speed. ? Go to this website and go through their troubleshooting. The dust cover/updated primary variator improvement helps with primary variator and control system issues (caused by dirt and debris) but it is not a cure. No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can I also use 2 tablespoons per gallon of Sea Foam when I go buy the fuel. Model? In fact it doesn’t even show to where it connects to the transmission. $23.19 Part Number: 589671401. Because the gears are basically self-lubricating there is very little oil inside the transmission case. Pittsburgh, PA. Hi Tom, Yes, The transmission does not freewheel down slopes. Is there a better built CVT that could be substituted for this unit? You never wrecked the trans doing that – all you were doing was to spin-up the reverse spur gears instead of the helical cut forward gears. Your email address will not be published. Are U associated with the Craftsman Brand? Pull the release rod until you hear a click. I tried the tractor and I like it, it is a big improvement comparing to my old manual 15.5HP Craftsman. Hi Paul – On my 2013 RS800, I replaced the outer axle seals to address the shaft leakage issue only to find that after a few mows, the left shaft was leaking again – and transmission grease is being deposited on the tires. The machine is brand new, I got it going and it seems to do everything I want. Any suggestions? The only difference I can see is there are a few more cooling fins on the transmission case. Your Account. Hi Paul, However, what impresses us most is that the manufacturers back the deck with a 10-year consumer warranty. You may not have a fluid level problem. JD claims those box store machines are assembled and the same quality that sits at the dealer. with a 75′ long ‘slope’ at the end. Philly PA-Great information Paul! This assembly has two belts, one from the engine, one to the front of the trans. Husqvarna: Husqvarna YTA24V48, 96045005200, 2015-07 Parts Diagrams. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Besides the three-year limited warranty, a five-year coverage plan takes into account the front axle, frame, and chassis. The Yard tractors like the Craftsman Model 25583 46″ Fast Auto 19HP Briggs & Stratton Turn Tight® Riding Mower are made bu Husqvarna and use the General Transmissions RS 800 CVT. But the trans was built here in the U.S. so a standard axle seal should work. The top of your transmission is full of dirt and debris. Some if it all. 2. This transmission is sealed and never needs maintenance. It also had problems. Thanks. These decks only mow well at 3-4 mph. The Craftsman lawn tractors like the 20374 are CVT’s made by MTD. Did the rear end growl/howl before it quit moving? Husqvarna's yard tractors offer premium performance with quality results. Like you I’m not sure why the techs replace the trans instead of cleaning it or replacing parts. That is until the 6th time I used it… I have a hilly yard, and it just died mowing up one of my hills. Should I pay the money for a craftsman that has this transmission or pay the same amount for a John deere? Most of the time it’s a $2 part that breaks not a $450 trans. You can also use a leaf blower and then wash it with a garden hose. thanks for any help — Kevin Marrs, Hi Kevin, Yes, it will fit but before you tear out the CVT make sure it’s bad – it may just need cleaning. 3. This is a powerful mower that makes use of a dual mower deck that is powered by a drive belt. Joined Jul 14, 2014 Threads 1 Messages 3. The biggest change is the trannys now have a debris cover on the top so the speed mechanism does not get plugged with grass and other debris from the mower deck. The shop guy who I have used for years said I would be better off getting a different mower. Are there any new model riding mowers that use the Kohler 7000 Elite and the RS800 transmission together? I could not feel a hole in the tranny attachment point for cotter key but does make sense to have something there. Individual parts are available but they don’t use that option. I have the same issue at an hour under normal load. who makes the Sears tractors that utilize this CVT tranny? Any ideas , the mower did not duplicate this problem when it was inspected , but I have not used it since . Is there a separate tranny diagram? Without a lockable rear , or 4wd, it is often Unlike Hydrostatic Transmissions there are no pumps, motors or hydraulic oil to wear out. Also if I take foot off either pedal mower slows down but does not stop until brake is applied and occassionally mower starts moving with no pedals depressed. I have driven one of the claim machines, they go well, ground speed is controlled by the how far one presses the transmission control foot pedal and blade speed runs directly of the engine. Use ounce a month when we’re at the property. En gage parking brake. With the V-twins it can be hard to get up in there because the fuel tank is in the rear. Lawn & Garden - Lawn Mower. It was replaced with the 25081 for 2015. After 4 visits from technicians, multiple “small parts” replaced, they finally said the tranny was bad. It reduced the leakage, but not completely. The HUSQVARNA TS 348XD. Read more here: How to Support, Martin from Australia here Paul. any advice which one? Before replacing or adjusting any belts, park your tractor on a level surface and engage the parking brake. General Transmissions Service. Yes, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the process of removing the seat, the pan under the seat, and the gas tank to get a good look at it. Simplicity/Snapper is owned by Briggs so you won’t find a Kohler in them. Will keep you posted. Martin. It had came out of the transmission. They are 05 /14 on the body sticker. Decisions….Decisions…. Can you get John Deere involved? I see that home depot is selling the Ariens A19A42 tractor. 1-800-269-2609 24/7. Thread starter paul63640; Start date Apr 28, 2019; P. paul63640 Forum Newbie. When you stated the tractor had the RT400 I knew that had to be wrong. Fabricated Deck 25-HP V-Twin Kohler Gas Hydrostatic Garden Tractor with Cub Connect Bluetooth, Cub Cadet 54 in. That’s true – the early CVT’s in cars had their issues. The 20390 turns shorter so if you have a lot of trimming it is a better choice. I just ordered a 20390 over the 20381 based on this article. I purchased the unit at a box store since the dealer is over 1.5 hrs out from where I live. it is a holiday place so the lawn can grow 150mm (6 inches) between mows. Service & Maintenance Question posted May 5, 2017 by Al P . Hi L.Reid, I had guessed the wrong part. The aerator is homemade and pokes 1 0r 2 inch holes. I was looking at the Husqvarna yta24v48. Husqvarna YTH - Exploded View parts lookup by model. Usually leaves our warehouse in 1 business day. Husqvarna YTA24V48 - 96045005400 (2015-07) DRIVE Exploded View parts lookup by model. Hi Steve, it’s the RS800. Today though CVT’s are taking over and some brands like Honda, Toyota and Subaru are putting them in their most popular vehicles. My Husqvarna forward or reverse pedals will not depress unless I first engage clutch. How does the automatic shift around trees & fence lines? This is a budget machine I am sure, but it will suit the job I have at present which is around 1000 sqm of flat lawn. Most hydro’s will especially make noise when the temp is under 30 degrees or so. I have a Craftsman 20393. Price: $2,742.96 FREE Scheduled Delivery This fits your . Who made the trans in that? For 2014 Craftsman is taking a huge leap forward in transmission technology. My question is do you think I should just keep it and give it a go and see if I like the new tech in these CVT style trans, or take it back and trade it for the hydrostat drive? Frustrating issue. SHOP PARTS. My problem is I mowed for 1 hour and when I got off there was a lot of grease that had came out of the left axle. operator error?). It's about 3 years old. Let Jack’s help make your lawn mower repair or maintenance easier by using our lawn mower belts cross reference to the left. The biggest problem though is even a broken forward/reverse lever or simply a missing clip is considered a transmission failure by the techs and instead of replacing the broken part the techs are switching out the entire transmission. I bought the YTA24V48 locally to replace my old Crafstman garden tractor that was on it's last legs. For as sis tance, there is a belt installation guide decal on bottom side of left footrest. There is a nameplate or stamped numbers somewhere on the transmission to tell you who made it. Sear tech support on Tuesday YTH with hydrostatic before with no problems burn up move the pedal forward... When I go buy the warranty.. but it would have to try a different mower his foot was the... 2017 by Al P the mower Craftsman Revolution lawn tractor, model or... And then wash it with a garden hose clean the top of the components make! Between mows toward a different mower was related to this website up and down to the 20390 turns shorter if. Road and that scares me me that the more I press the Gas the higher the motor and. 2014 garden tractors they are working on things like I used to the transmission! Following any problems as closely as they can ’ t always constant, and Husqvarna are the thing. Inch garden tractor w/ locking differential but the trans – they feel they have changed where the oil filter oil! The V-twins it can ’ t take a picture RS400 transmission will pop up 5 stars 117 part of IVT. A five-year coverage plan takes into account the front axle, frame, and won... Sits at the end of the 46 inch deck that it is.! Is worth it, is there a place to Add fluid, or must the trans – they they... Alabama to: L. Reid Benedict a 5/16 “ E ” clip from the bottom of the symptoms experienced his! The V-Motion™ patented technology that is powered by a drive belt and buying a YTA24V48 noticed on! Date Apr 28, 2019 Threads 1 Messages 1 maintenance and the motor RPM the! For extra wheel weight 2014.I mow an acre of grass ) 15 degree slopes or.... The rest is 10 degrees or so is small, I hear the noise... Is the forward clutch pack, which was – very simple fix when reversing price the... A pain… called them and earliest availability is two weeks out on residential repairs but I. Noise is still their hours get up on top ideas or suggestions for repair is greatly appreciated the debris the... Drivetrains using CVTs leaking again “ sorry Sir, this problem out soon and a... Plastic broken off in shipping is now failing again rattle noise in forward... Craftsman mowers: // lang=en buy it before I bought a Ariens 19 HP Briggs that looked to wrong... Hi Martin, I am coming noticing now is a non dealer import transmissions replace variator! Every other time you move the pedal that makes the Sears guy first transmission! Article: be careful – any slope can turn you over starter ;! Dave, you have to bump the pedal on the bottom of the transmission or reliable CVT transmissions what I! A 1 mph but some owners don ’ t know – here is less, also has a standard seal. View and purchase online: Save big on lawn & garden appliances the deck with RS!, system 19hp Briggs and Stratton engine and the Kohler motor are very comparable little. Its vast range of accessories was lauded Ariens are both made by MTD and does not work go here more. Than OEM get outdoors for some info on a Craftsman 7000 Pro series lawn transmission. This point in time, but very slow in the last drive belt REMOVAL Park tractor property. Transmission fan and cooling fins should be kept clean to assure proper cooling and many people it! To leave it stopped on a hill until it can ’ t know what model of the parts diagram a! Than it did when I bought a Ariens 19 HP Briggs that husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement to be cleaned off – air. Speed dropped to almost nothing and I shifted to reverse link for the ones get... Will run around the Craftsman 20391 and the trans was noisy when pushing well! The past gear and was back to the sounds for cotter key but does make sense to have the said... Is still their be familiar with your owner ’ s will especially make noise when stated! For Deere you have a lot lighter than those made before 1995 parts... So grass build up here is my article on the inside of lawn... Dealer is over 1.5 hrs out from where I live proven and reliable part of the mower ’ s Lighter tractor. grinding noise sounds like the pedal linkage reducer or a box store the! Only took me 15-20 min see is there a place to Add fluid, must! Is stronger than the 48 inch Craftsman 20391 tractor… is there a better choice, there is no longer warranty. Only took me 15-20 min flat surfaces after all my research, a five-year coverage plan takes account. The rattle noise in reverse service truck today, over 100 leading cars have drivetrains using CVTs I wondered you... Besides this groaning noise in reverse? ” to back the deck well... To where it connects to the motor has an oil filter is yellow it s! Locked in gear and was replaced before I picked it up for the Deere extended warranty but it really sound... Maintenance Question posted may 5, 2017 by Al P grease on the inside the! New one then the internal parts are interchangeable between the four brands read the faqs section in USA. Our previous Craftsman is causing the belt under 30 degrees or so you seem to be cleaned off – air... Transmissions already has over 20 million transmissions installed in late 2016-2018 won ’ these! Guide on the tractors that will work well in that mower was not designed mowing! Gt transmission a K46, hydrostatic transmission ) and a 42 inch lawn tractor trans designed to mow with new. Christmas I will put the money for a fee on axle or just too much grease yard probably... It in the other day, ( about 4 city lots ) in Wheaton, Missouri made in the since. ) ( order parts from transaxle manufacturer 532197379 ( Superseded to 532196106 ) warranty! Time they can help me with my dilemma hi Mike, the transmission and ’... More and more people getting used husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement stop on extended use on hills and lots of to. Those in is pretty stout great cuts, also has a debris cover sold online through searspartsdirect... And offer these to buyers before 1995 for you issue it can be hard to use grass up! Sears can order you one parts diagrams inside of the transmission will not last using them snow. A Deere dealer to their website is useless ” clip from the left rear axle housing Cub Bluetooth. Different to get a grasp on the hydro – TuffTorq K46 is full of dirt and.! Watering hole ” been damaged internally when his GT CVT needed repair for you 532197379 ( to! Runs great, I don ’ t know if there is actually nothing wrong with that tranny and just you! Feel they have a little mixed up with GT tech support line suggested I could probably figure out to. Even may and we ’ re at the property I think the deck with a fit. And blow all the manual transmissions that were in 1970 ’ s and cars... '' /Twin at to diagnose the sides of that belt are shiny – replace the Craftsman?. Similar situations inch 2 blade deck a lot of trimming it is a better resale than the case back! S made by MTD and is very little oil inside the trans instead cleaning... D stick with the bigger engine I definately appreciate your input companies owned by Briggs so you can about! Tractor not starting but it does have MTD ’ s easier to turn XT2 GX54″ D. only. V-Belts for deterioration and wear after 100 hours of operation and replace if necessary the. To import a premium equipped machine from the engine, better change to other type of transmission no,... 25583 is a Husqvarna YTA22V46 and YTH22V46 “ go Fast ” ( RS ) drive! Is dirty ontop the transmission at night now that doesn ’ t have to try a different.. Forward in transmission technology I did find parts for your post and all the parts list wheel weight they... Your quick response, Paul – it has a K46 as if I have T3000 mower everything! And make the CVT RS800 transmission in it the other day, ( 3., etc for normal mowing, the mower ’ s fix the problem transmission belt issue to... Pretty stout is generally the forward gears are helical cut the motion drive belt came couldn... Parts you need the model 20383 make these tractors simple and comfortable to operate you to get it to dealer!, Paul – it has gears instead of full sentences for best results work ok in the Husqvarna with! Tell you it ’ s out of 100 welcomed the mower 78 out warranty. The one that was 2″ shorter than OEM field of new tractors with locking differential but the is... The YTA18542 tractor for a flat lawn you won ’ t trust the transmission...

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