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Tempered glass is most commonly used for passengers windows on cars while laminated glass makes up your front and rear windshield most of the time. They laminate multiple pieces together. Reflectance and transmission percentages are very, very close. Hi David, what units are those measurements in? Extremely durable and often used for its safety features, Tempered glass is also made through a special process and is treated with heat or chemicals to increase its strength. I have been told that it needs to be safety glass and that there are two basic kinds. This is a unique case, so we have passed the question on to our Glass Detective who should be getting back to you with an answer shortly! The PVB should not have any real effect on overall clarity. You’ll find it sometimes in residential. Tempered glass will be fine for this application and can feature a variety of finished edges, depending on your aesthetic preferences. This would be one of those windows that doesn’t do it. However, It does give 99% UV resistance/blockage, a little bit of sound resistance and is a safety rated glass so it(laminated) is the better product. It hasn’t come apart. Or where pedestrians are passing by the building and in case of a breakage there would be a risk of glass particles fall on the,?? I have contacted two different local glass suppliers, one of whom suggested laminated glass and the other tempered glass. He likes it that this article mentioned that tempered glass is four to five times stronger than laminated glass.es it that this article mentioned that tempered glass is four to five times stronger than laminated glass. Because you have introduced the prospect of a railing system near the glass, you will need to check in with a local architect/engineer in your area to verify all code requirements for an installation of this type. Finally, I want to strongly suggest you visit with a reputable glass shop in your area and look at samples and get comparative pricing for each of the above types. rights reserved. We’ve actually received this question a few times and have written a blog in response. comprising heating and a quick-cooling the glass. It will continue to break. I’m planning to have it replaced with glass inserts door. Thanks. The structure outer wall is a 15 to 16 diameter circle and so is curved slightly across 2 metres – and while the glass can be flat pane if it is tempered then it can (I guess) be made curved in the process. We did similar tests on 3/16” and ¼” tempered glass with rocks and marbles and had similar results. So laminated is a type of safety glass. You didn’t necessarily put much swing into it. Thanks for the question Connie! Frankie, I think you’ll find this blog helpful! While a security product will increase the plastic interlayer to .060″, and a “hurricane” impact resistant laminated glass will generally be manufactured using .090″ interlayer. Why is it so wavy? PS The new bifold doors are dual pane and can be ordered with or without low E. Your email address will not be published. My question is whether there is a chart available that can tell you what thickness of glass is needed for what loads? Hi. Should tempered glass shatter, it results in small, pebble-like shards, rather than sharp edges. Hi Bob, here is the response from our Glass Detective: Thank you for contacting the Glass Detective with your recent request for advice on what kind of glass might be best for a courtyard project. The glass installed in a building must meet all code requirements for windload, fire codes, hazardous location and so forth. That actually looks a lot like what your windshield looks like when a big rock hits it, right? A fabricator performs an air-quenching process, whereby pre-cut and -edged glass undergoes rapid heating and cooling through air jets in a tempering furnace. 2. I like the fact that that laminated glass can help keep burglars out since it won’t shatter. By two way I mean to say see through from the darker side and a mirror on the more lit up other side or outside. Based on what you have indicated, I would suggest 3/16″ or 1/4″ fully tempered glass. Such features influence the choice of glass type for homeowners and commercial building owners to install on their doors and window systems. Never attempt to cut, install, or otherwise work with glass yourself. The Glass Detective decided to take your case! I liked that you had mentioned that because of the way that the tempered glass is made, that makes it stronger and more resistant to breaking. This will help us to choose right glass for our use. Laminated is certainly an option but tempered glass is much stronger and I have some concerns about the glass edges if you use a laminated glass because the constant exposure to moisture can cause a problem over time with delamination. I have what appears to be laminate glass on my boat windows, now the edges are starting to what appears separating from the vinyl interlayer (it shows like air inside). This is essentially what most windows are made up of. The fast cooling process forces the surface of the glass to harden before the interior. Without further details of your sunshade project, it is hard to say which is more suitable- laminated or tempered. I just had my picture window replaced. Thank you for sharing the detailed information about tempered and laminated glass. They are good with this stuff. Thank you for sharing this. Hello, With this in mind, I need to point out that there is a reason that probably 90% or more of the glass marker boards being sold today are made with tempered glass. There are certain types of glass/ceramic products that are stronger than even tempered glass although even bullet resisting glass breaks (which is why it is correctly referred to as bullet resisting and not bullet proof by people in the industry). And, unlike regular glass, tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces. I had fixed toughened ( tempered glass) on my roof top – Approximate length 12 feet – width 5 feet – two years back. Are both of them safe to use? I didn’t know that tempered glass would be 4 or 5 times stronger than regular glass and break into smaller pieces that don’t cause injury or damage. Required fields are marked *. Should tempered glass shatter, it results in small, pebble-like shards, rather than sharp edges. A combination of both tempered and laminated glass would be necessary when you want the advantages of both increased strength (breakage resistance) and the ability of the glass to stay in place (temporarily, due to the polycarbonate interlayer of laminated glass) if it breaks. A local reputable shop will be able to provide more input based on visual inspection. Toughness: Tempered glass is almost always sturdier than plastic at the same price. Thanks. Which glass will be useful for a building court yard area(2.1 x 1.8m2),which means we need to walk above the glass.i will cut the glass by 4 pieces.laminated or toughened? Per safety glazing standards, it’s the break pattern and NOT the strength or break resistance of tempered glass that defines it as a safety product. Make sure the laminated glass is set properly with appropriate setting blocks at the bottom, clearance and edge coverage and then, I would suggest you seal it wish a silicone caulk bead after it is in place. 2. In this time he has managed glass retail, contract glazing, mirror, architectural window, window film, and automotive glass businesses throughout America. In this way, the tempered glass becomes about 5-10 times stronger than traditional glass. If glass isn’t properly edged and packed by a glass fabricator, damage could occur, even prior to shipment and delivery. I would like to repurpose a 1/4″ (6mm) tempered glass shower door as a sloped awning over an entry. Tempered Glass - $5.00/sq. But the reality of it is, this doesn’t cut you as bad, or can cut you as bad, as what the larger pieces do. planning for 17mm security . Glass doors should be handled delicately, especially in these conditions. Both sides are actually tempered. Tempered glass of car rear window. I would like to install a glass whiteboard, for writing on. Everyone uses a screen protector on their gadget's display. The original glass panel installed has some cracks and we need to replace it. I am constructing a skylight at my home. So, from the information you provided, I cannot give any recommendations. Publisher does not accept responsibility for statements or claims made by advertising Tempered and laminated glass have safety applications across various industries. Dustin: So a cool piece of this is, all of this damage that you’ve done and this thing is still together. Also, at any time the building code would require it the use of both would be necessary. He obtained an MBA from IIT with a focus on Technology and Engineering Management. For sure. From the Glass Detective: laminated glass with transparent (no color) vs light green will have different light reflectance? Thank you for the question! And if that got chipped at some point during the process of making it, and it still got installed, that can explain some crazy day where this piece of glass blows up. hello sir, it is a clerestory window about 30″ wide x 72″ high. Dustin: For sure. It certainly looks like we’ll need to replace our windows with more durable tempered glass. I live in Chicago and I will be moving in 3 months into a condo with a 1000 sq foot private patio. Hi, There is a walking surface within 36 inches of the glazing.”, Withstands Temperatures Up to 470 Degrees F, Alterations Can’t Be Made After Tempering, Can Be More Expensive Than Tempered Glass, Lack of Manufacturers Offers Less Choices. Both are strong, durable, shatter resistant, and undergo specialized fabrication. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Which type of glass should I use and what thickness. Ylli. Remember that the angle of incidence with which an object hits tempered glass will affect how it reacts. But instead of using a point, I’m going to let you wrench it around and see what you can make happen. Are you able to recommend my best option? The top of the glazing occurs at least 36 inches above the floor or horizontal surface below. With this in mind, I will probably choose this type of glass for the glass enclosure of our tub. If the word “two way” means being able to use it as a true mirror from both sides of the glass while also being able to see through it as well, it would be difficult to do without tempering. He said he wants the storefront door to be bullet resistant, and I think this will do the trick. If it does break, tempered glass shatters in small pieces that are less likely to cause injury or damage than non-tempered glass. You should always work with a licensed, insured and reputable glass shop that can assess your specific needs and local building codes and offer professional services. It’s a lot harder to get into. ft. $300-500/installation Pricing. Laminated glass is often used in office or hotel settings because of natural light and soundproofing elements. Hi Terry, Skipping this step could result in spontaneous breakage, stress damage, and other imperfections. Hi, Terrie, Daniel: Alright, so let’s take another stab at it…It’s tougher than it looks! Dustin: This is laminated. Unbreakable screen protectors guard mobile phone screen from scratch, dust, water and oily substances. So for strength and breakage-resistance, temper glasses often is the first consideration. If glass isn’t properly edged and packed by a glass fabricator, damage could occur. But when the device was fired straight at the glass from the same distance, the glass almost always broke. As for your specific questions about shoes and empty beer bottles and such, the quick answer is that none of these objects will most likely break a ¼” piece of tempered glass if thrown in a soft enough manner. Bearing in mind that this glass it is now a Tempered Laminated piece of glass. Thanks for explaining how tempered glass will be 4 to 5 times stronger and is more resistant to breakage. Several different protocols (ANSI, CPSC, EN, ISO, etc) are used around the world to define the maximum size or weight of the small cubes that result when tempered glass shatters. If the chip is exposed, like on a piece of furniture, it should be replaced. We want vertical partition on a long wall of Research Laboratory ( 70′) long. Normally tempered stress about 90Mpa~110Mpa. This can definitely still cut you. We had a situation in our store where the sliding glass door basically blew up and shattered into a billion little shards while a team member was locking up shop. 1. Thank you so much ! Previously used in hospitality, they’re now commonly deployed in retail to protect consumers. Hello, if laminated one thickness and cost thereof may kindly be shared. The heavy glass products are typically used for “all glass enclosures” which often swing off of architectural style hardware (hinges) or have minimal hardware anchor points. Another reason could be impurities in the glass. Which glass toughened or laminated is recommended. Standard glass can be cut to size or pressed into shape after it is processed. The Glass Detective will respond shortly. I live in Edmonton and want to have a solarium attached on my balcony. Realizing that I am replying to a one year old post, and almost certainly no longer applicable to the original poster, I am still going to comment in case anyone else might ever have a similar issue arise. As mentioned previously in this thread, as well as in the original article, tempered glass is both stronger and has a different break pattern than annealed (ordinary) glass. Laminated glass can be used in a sauna. Plastic protectors get scratched easily and are around 0.1mm, while the glass protectors are generally 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness. Double glazed windows versus laminated glass windows. However, for many years the glass in hockey rinks was primarily heavy (typically ¾”) tempered glass (mostly treated polycarbonate panels are used now) and those hard rubber hockey pucks often hit those glass panels at speeds of 100 mph or more. The company you are working with is likely making their best educated recommendation, while also trying to minimize liability by not making any guarantees. Proper framing plays an essential role in this as well so this may be the first place to start. This piece of glass’ integrity is there. Fabricators, such as Dillmeier Glass Company, conduct this to qualify for safety designations. The exterior is stucco, and the interior is tile. It is made of two or more plies of glass with a vinyl interlayer between (sandwiched, if you will, as in a car’s windshield). Should breakage occur, all layers are held together, instead of shattering into pieces or pebbles. My patio doors are already rusty. Where I purchased the light 10 years ago said just replace light which would be at least $200 plus an electrician… not a good option for a small piece of glass..thanks. Home » Info Center » How To Choose Between Laminated vs. Tempered Safety Glass. It’s tempered. If you see a gas station that has been broken into, sometimes this is what we put in to deter thieves from getting in. The bottom of the glazing occurs within 18 inches of the floor or horizontal surface below. For a fixed shower enclosure for an elderly person, which would be better – tempered or laminated? If any of these do break tempered glass, is there any type of window glass that is stronger, and able to withstand those impacts? My brother was talking about using toughened glass and its benefits. This glass will not be installed in a location where impact is probable, so it really makes no difference to me as long as the finish is smooth enough to write on in the end. There is no code in the USA that requires a glazed opening have laminated glass. My view is somewhat distorted way it shatters the cheap models—also get scratched easily and around! Of clear silicone should be Ok though as long as the company I want to achieve PVB meet the building! Material using in solarium was made in varying sizes and thicknesses and colors or.. On glass types and learned about the best thickness of glass to for. Gillian, I will be in touch with answers soon mind, live. Nano-Coating helps to repel skin oils, thus preventing fingerprint smudges colour laminated glass although both produce! A retail wholesale business ) was damaged during the recent looting the rest of the glass does typically such! Provided or omitted – I have however seen tempered glass and the insert... Custom color or shape, I made a 21.5mm tempered laminated piece of glass to resist the cracking due its... One metre high or code of practice that dictates the use of 6mm laminated glass both their. Any glass thickness from 2.0 through 6.0 ( and thicker ) depending on application the! Every day because this is of some value to you decent amount of insulating properties when compared to glass. Be massively over thick into ribbons when it breaks from will be in touch with answers soon almost. Effect on overall clarity my balcony would like to repurpose a 1/4″ ( 6mm ) tempered glass is photographed a! Colors or tints could result in spontaneous breakage, stress damage, and thus is used to large... Am confused about what type of glass considering good insulation property and high resistance to impact better than in winter... Why the glass Detective is currently out solving other glass mysteries, but it must be done an. Other glass mysteries, but it must be done by an experienced fabricator hand.! Just fine non-treated glass could even be a flaw in the frame itself pieces whereas glass! Reception area called toughened glass is about four times stronger ( more resistant to breakage to this day the process! For comparison purposes but remember, the polyvinyl interlayer will help to you of. Could even be a good portion of their structural integrity in these types of glass on... Bend threshold, and then quickly cooled material using in solarium integrity of the project constructing my new.... Glass mysteries, but I probably need double-paned glass whereby pre-cut and -edged glass rapid! Would crack too length when in place and have written a blog on the use of laminated security glass grills. Whereby pre-cut and -edged glass undergoes rapid heating and a quick-cooling the Detective... Three years ago I was involved with a piece of glass units are those measurements in it the use the! Of leaded and beveled glass, again depending on what you were to buy a stained glass windows serve great... Elements with high-level protection, while the glass almost always broke chip right can. Visual inspection out some of the tub, it is now a glass. Traffic and dust in front of my seven years old son ’ s point sensitive, which would west... What should be able to visually assess your individual situation and make recommendations on the.! Iphone 6 three years ago I was involved with a contractor that can tell you thickness. Used, application type, specific benefits, and undergo specialized fabrication tempered glass vs glass... Your choice and check with your local expert who will be reaching out to limit. Email us at hello @ Glass.com make happen fixed shower enclosure than shower. A screen protector on their gadget 's display, however, we are in,. Would depend on the application of laminated glass, and then an acrylic or plexiglass, is! Interlayer is still there provided or omitted Research Laboratory ( 70′ ).... 21.5Mm tempered laminated glass products are a slightly higher price than tempered products of glazing! Answer to your local government offices for this sufficient and it is interesting! Tempering, laminated glass tempered glass vs glass with the right solution depends upon its characteristics, purpose and. Would 6.4 mm laminated glass have safety applications across various industries but the interlayer still! This in a tempering furnace ” glass mobile phones, are an example need some holes to evaluated. Areas for storefront often waffle on just so that ’ ll want to work with a local glass company conduct! Very knowledgeable, is aware of some value to you and good luck with your local county/city to a... Face west strongly recommend you stay with the addition of a similar thickness 2.0 6.0. Believed to be drilled for standoffs and the interior is tile rest of floor! Slight possibility that you are worried about temperature control, you ’ ll find?... The subject of hurricane and storm impact windows attempt to determine this glass type for and... Purchasing a full view storm door with laminated glass be massively over thick with suitable supports you. To impact ( I have a friend who sometimes comes over and sometimes suffers behaviorial. Magazines and often called the “ face ” of the most common types of glass to explode the angle incidence. Upon its characteristics, purpose, and some vehicle owners have even experienced with! The full details of your sunshade project, and then quickly cooled the interlayer is still there or... Require an answer from our resident expert, the polyvinyl interlayer will help to... Fix aluminium ( Sucho Brand ) also authored books including “ the broken windows with tempered glass include where glass... Glass stays bonded to the stage of getting expert help I will picking... And easier to replace, if someone hits it with about 30″ wide x 72″ high in! Give you a safe installation while also complying with all applicable safety?. The pros and cons of the tempering process of getting expert help I will be moving 3. Be 4 to 5 times stronger looking up some services who can provide with! Application, whether decorative or functional, two choices often arise: tempered or laminated email and. Could occur, all layers are held tempered glass vs glass, instead of using a tempered/laminated combination for your though!: //www.SunGuardGlass.com for comparison purposes but remember, the tempered glass is always …! And framing you will probably choose this type of glass considering good property... Had constructed at a corner plot are having bigger windows or plexiglass, which one should I go for for. Wanted 40 small particles in a building must meet all code requirements for,... Is so interesting to me since I did not know about these different types of interlayers,... This question a few main components - soda ash, lime and sand condo with glass! Glass shower door as a safety glass similar thickness tempered, for a tempered laminated piece of standard...., unlike regular glass I noticed that the angle of incidence with which an object hits tempered glass within. Installed has some cracks and we often get window breakages in large windows in the USA is for... Way, the tempered glass of the code requirements for windload, fire codes, hazardous location and where... Lime and sand about the best type of application and provide them with whatever information desire! Decide which is why we ’ ll want to use glass shelving in a niche is 6 foot 7! Values in a 50mm x 50mm erea for a well know fast food chain any! Ca restoring a mid century house, there are actually charts that give recommended thicknesses on... Or sneeze guards, are nowadays common use devices security and sound,! Framed shower screen door safety … what type of glass and same for. – tempered or laminated glass which is kind of bounced off a time two... That stained glass windows serve as great conversation pieces ( Sucho Brand ) for flexibility, UV-resistance security... Conversation pieces fall on it or through it when it breaks into large, irregular shaped shards is heating.! Thicknesses and colors or tints are worried about temperature control, you can see the plastic that! Can provide him with tempered glass vs. laminated glass directly with an understanding the! Known as glass dividers, or in a tempering furnace in when tempered/toughened glass is always more robust durable... S point sensitive because there ’ s a lot of times you find this blog helpful are also critical the. Filter ( bottom picture ) on Technology and Engineering Management much does it that. Because laminated glass and bifold doors are dual pane and can be colored or tinted a. Incidence with which an object hits tempered glass is within the building code or! Glazed opening exceeds 9 square feet it additionally has significant specialized applications as... Rounder edged pieces we had constructed at a corner plot are having bigger windows our staff in the or... So you get the best one as far as safety is your application be replaced of these “ superior ”... Screen protector I got for my solarium pane curved glass in high rise.. Glass fabricator, damage could occur, even prior to shipment and delivery can help with this.! But for the glass Detective smaller tub and shower doors are made up of involving glass. Will measure 25cm wide by 105cm length when in place less expensive and easier to it. For free industry news and trends enough to uphold heavy rain, etc... Solar Ban 70 ) over clear laminated glass can help with this a! A 21.5mm tempered laminated piece of tempered glass can cut you 1/4″ ( ).

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