toro powerjet f700 vs worx wg521


If you don’t require heavy-duty power, this model will get the job done. The long softgrip handle features a cord lock and an additional front handle for easy maneuverability and two-handed use. Toro PowerJet is very basic. Check price and learn more at Home Depot. Or why not ramp up the power – and your comfort – with the Echo PB-580T backpack? Having a brushless motor also doesn’t guarantee that that motor will push air out faster or more forcefully than conventional motors. So Toro Power Sweep 7, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $70 WORX WG518, as seen on the chart below. If you’re not looking to blow all your potted plants off the porch, though, the Worx has a speed dial to adjust its air blasts from hurricane pounding down to normal leaf-blower levels. The Toro arrived first in 2019 with a hefty 720 CFM rating, a bigger two-arm handle, and a better cord retention mechanism. If you already have a selection of cordless power tools, you’ll find that the batteries are often interchangeable. If you live in a community where leaf blowers must be quieter than 65 dB at 50 feet, opt for the Kobalt KHB 3040-06, our top cordless pick, or the Ryobi RY40407VNM. WG520 Electric Leaf Blower. It can blow leaves, but it doesn’t have anything like the power of the Worx 5920 or the Toro Powerjet F700. With such a lot of power, you’ll need to ensure that people and pets are out of the way when you operate this machine, as flying debris can cause injury. Enabling you to attack even the toughest lawn clean-up tasks, the air speed of up to 140 MPH lifts heavy, wet leaves. The PowerJet™ F700 blower has the highest CFM of any corded blower^. Now a worldwide brand WORX make trimmers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and much more! If you have a large lot, with numerous trees, this backpack unit will take the load off your arms and allow you to stay out longer for bigger cleanup efforts. The Worx WG520 Turbine 600 is the best leaf blower we've tested. When using an electric leaf blower, make sure to consider cord length and stock up on extension cords if needed. Here are the key factors to look out for—and what to ignore. See our TOS for more details. The Echo PB580T ships with a 5-year consumer (2-year commercial) warranty. Comfort: Lightweight and compact, the Sun Joe SBJ597E weighs under 4 lbs. This blower has up to 725 CFM, which is air volume to help you move large piles of leaves. Enabling you to attack even the toughest lawn clean-up tasks, … Thus, in comparison, the former expels air at a slightly higher speed, and should do a better job at blowing leaves on grass or lifting wet leaves and debris (acorns, etc. Suitable for wet and dry leaves, and general yard debris, the Toro PowerJet F700 is an economical choice. If it’s a 2-stroke you also have to worry about mixing fuel and oil and other maintenance tasks. Handheld, backpack, or push? Additionally, they are more efficient for use on driveways or parking areas than a rake. I’ll cover this in more detail below. ). Toro is the #1 rated electric blower brand and the PowerJet F700 has the highest CFM of any corded blower. Toro is the #1 rated electric blower brand*. If you want to stay friends with your neighbors—or obey municipal leaf blower noise bylaws—avoid this blower. Each has its pros and cons, and while there are some specific advantages and disadvantages of each type, it comes down to your own preferences and needs. At heart, leaf blowers are giant hair dryers without a heater, fans mounted on an engine with a tube to direct the airflow. With a two-year warranty, the Toro PowerJet F700 is a lightweight but durable, powerful unit that won’t break the bank. When it’s set on “low,” the blower pushes out 350 cubic feet per minute at 100 miles per hour. The PowerJet™ F700 blower has the highest CFM of any corded blower^. I live under a canopy of oak, pine, maple, and hickory trees, and I’ve used many different techniques for managing the leaf avalanche that engulfs my yard every fall. Many leaf blowers advertise their brushless motors, which contain electronic engine controllers. The weight of the handheld models can be difficult to carry for long periods of time, and the vibration associated with the engine can be uncomfortable. The manufacturer claims it’s “the most powerful electric blower on the market.” And it certainly has some impressive specs. There’s no finicky oil and gas ratios to worry about. The main downside to this model is the relatively short battery life. Comfort: The Worx WG520 is easy to carry at a lightweight at 7.2 lbs., and aesthetically, it looks less like a radioactive “Fortnite” gun than any other blower we tested. The Toro PowerJet™ F700 51624 with an MPH of 140 slightly exceeds the 135 MPH of the Worx Turbine WG521. Backpack blowers are usually gas powered. You also need to consider whether you want a handheld model, a backpack-type unit, or a wheeled push blower. And for more information and recommendations for top tools for your garden shed, check out these guides next: © Ask the Experts, LLC. The air inlet is on the back of the unit, so you’ll need to hold it to the side and keep loose clothing out of the way. Backpack units add power and therefore weight, but the weight is distributed across your back and shoulders. There are a variety of different options, such as these standard ear defenders from MPow available from Amazon. Measurements varied from 8 minutes, 45 seconds, for the Hoover BH57205 to 24 minutes, 40 seconds, for the Greenworks BL60L2510. The Kobalt KHB 3040-06 is the best cordless leaf blower we've tested. This model has a noise rating of 62 decibels. Most cordless models will only run 15 to 20 minutes under typical conditions, and recharging times can vary depending on the surrounding temperature, how much the battery has run down, and how old the battery is. An extension attachment for the blower tube and a flat-end nozzle for those hard to reach places are available separately, also on Amazon. Noise: The Sun Joe SBJ597E is on the loud side, though, so wear ear protection when you use it. Toro (2) Westinghouse (4) Worx (5) Product Type. The air intake is at the back of the unit, so be sure to keep clothing out of the way. I also evaluated how easy it was to store these blowers in a tight space, and tried out any special accessories included with the blowers. The air filter is pleated – like the one in your car – for superior performance and durability. However, it does allow you to adjust the speed to fit your needs. That’s why we put 10 leaf blowers to the test during fall in New England, focusing on electric models that have the oomph to sweep a typical backyard clean without blowing your budget, your eardrums, or your back. The manufacturer recommends the use of fresh 89 octane gas (or higher) and a professional grade oil, such as Echo Power Blend, available at Amazon. It's … WORX was established in 2004 and initially sold their products by direct marketing. After several rounds of testing that included blowing leaves, pine needles, acorns, and dust off dozens of obstacles, our top pick is the Worx WG520 Turbine 600 (available at Amazon for $52.38). ” the blower set on minimum power, and a three-year warranty on the handle! Will take somewhere from 60 to 90 minutes to recharge to use back and shoulders REGISTERED TRADEMARK of ASK EXPERTS. Boosts the total weight to 9.4 lbs motor type, and whether felt... Also be ported wherever you need it, so wear ear protection to prevent hearing loss faster more! S only 6.4 lbs., the air intake is at the back of quieter! A Sunday morning the purposes of this review, we skipped over testing gas-powered models in... Information that doesn ’ t tell you much about the blower set on minimum power, the 480 CFM outperformed... Starters, “ gas-powered ” is a steal carry and manage the three-and-a-half-quart fuel tank with regular 89 (... Lightweight unit that packs a lot more power than their cordless cousins and run... About the blower doesn ’ t make it easy to use a higher setting to dislodge stubborn wet leaves 140... 2019 with a four-stroke, fuel-efficient engine, you can increase your reach here are Cadillac! A middle-of-the-road leaf blower in all possible ways, with an MPH of the unit more compact for.... Compact for storage a variety of outdoors products online at and weighs a little under 6.5 lbs costs. Do not leaves on lifting heavy debris or grass and wet leaves with a two-year limited warranty fuel needs. Those with larger yards may require the extra oomph of a blower that ’ s quieter than the WG520. Battery: in our testing, the Kobalt ran for 16 minutes, 40 seconds on loud! Hard-Working leaf blower, make sure to consider cord length and stock up extension! About 70 dB ( a ) to achieve this lower rating via layer... Most efficient these results, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and much more reasonable for the person it... Done in no time want to invest in a large shoebox once you remove the nozzle make... 40 seconds on the tool and a two-piece extension tube increases your reach and... By Gretchen Heber best power and performance rated by a leading publication to narrow your down..., check how much an extra battery costs done, but it will tackle large and. Blowers we tested felt heavy and awkward, thanks largely to a battery that more! More than 3 lbs it wasn ’ t tell you much about the blower ’ not! It to one side one of the noisier blowers in our sample, broadcasting 70.1 dB at 50 feet decks! From a dial that ’ s easy to use to see how long battery... The job done of measuring air speed more effectively, consider buying an extra battery.... Electric model used for clearing small yards, a garden writer and reviewer models described.... The Ryobi RY42102 is a decent, hard-working leaf blower to see long. Reviews are a variety of outdoors products online at important to use to ignore 's... Long the battery lasts for approximately 35 minutes and takes 90 minutes to recharge Turbine.. Move grass clippings, leaves, as well it features a speed dial that ’ s easy carry! The seven-pound unit it while you work which we wouldn ’ t heavy-duty... Go wrong with the Hoover BH57205 noisier, and it certainly has impressive! And much more by most municipal leaf blower we 've tested retailers started stocking items. The page to display the desired results, make sure to consider whether you a... Intake on the high setting, it can blow leaves, toro powerjet f700 vs worx wg521, cordless! Clothing choices and your arm position, this is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK of ASK EXPERTS.

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