treadmill motor controller circuit diagram


Abstract: POWER SUPPLY for Treadmill treadmill diagram Treadmill treadmill motor control free circuit diagram of treadmill pdf download controller treadmill treadmill controller 56F8100 56800E Text: implementation of both control and signal processing functions in a single device > DSP and MCU , Supply (UPS) > Electric vehicles > Currency validation > > > > Industrial control Home , power and … OK, how about if I use FJL6920 with TIP29C as the NPN darlington? use the collectors as a single collector, the base of 2SAR as the base, and emitter of MJE as the emitter for the final connection in the circuit. Do you have any idea what to do? I join. Thanks again! I should say that C1,C2,C3 rated voltage are 100V. Thank you for you time and your response would be greatly appreciated. The warranty on the Upgrade MC-70 is either 6 months or 1 year from the original invoice date. Why they are not used widely as voltage regulator? Thanks very much Michael, no programing is required for the devices all the ICs come preprogrammed, just have to wire them up in the shown manner. any other replacement for the coil sir? 3) Which IC’s should be selected for the circuit ; LM555J, LMC555, BCR555, ICM555CD, NE555P, NE555DR, or ICM7555CD? I think it gives feedback to the controller about the current speed of the engine no matter what is the speed set by the user. HelloMy treadmill motor is rated for 130VDC and 15a. I've tried to put the power in the other way but then it blow out the other diode D3. 3) tight the key panel flexible cable vs display board 4) then connector display board vs lower board.5) test the main motor controller bOARDEC for 5+vdc, to display the block diagram how the main motor controller has 90% aprox for control functions of any schematron.orgely. I tried connecting it to the treadmill and it blew the fuse in the dimmer and destroyed it. According to the documentation provided, the circuit can handle currents up to 160A thanks to the IRF1405 mosfet in use. You can add a optocoupler if you want, but it is not necessary. Hence the question for the torque. please let me know which of the components failure in control card. The auto door control design calls for a irf540 mosfet which is rated for 100v source and my motor is 110 with rectified source being around 150v will that be a problem for that mosfet? Is this possible and which way is the best? If you want the H bridge, then Darlington may not be required. I think is possible to use a controller for an Ac motor made with triac and diac and then to use a rectifier bridge to feed the motor. Many thanks Sir for this publication.I'm sorry for dump questions but I'm newbe to electronics.Will this work with my 240VDC/12A motor?How many of this CD4049UBE CD4049 4049 IC Hex Buffer/Converters do I need to order? Thank you again for your help and sorry for lack of information. Your motor speed control switch/circuit is likely the issue. Should I use some bigger capacitor (the original board had a 470uF/400V one). Thanks for your time!! im sorry one more, R4 is that 2.2k or 2002 ? as far as guidance is concerned, I am always ready and I have always been helpful to everybody in this blog, and all have shown tremendous trust in me and my work. Price: $12.99 Treadmill Power Socket (plug in) Diagram Part # 43 & 25. I'm uploading a PCB picture too. Tell him to design a transformer which would be able to supply 150V/6amp from 220V….this output can be then bridge rectified and filtered to acquire the required 180v for your motor. Or should I be looking at a different approach to driving that big D.C. Please clear this to me. Dear Mr. Swagatam thanks for the reply. beast?? Massimo, if it is a DC motor, then you must use the second last circuit, because 50 V cannot be used with a 220V input or a 120 V, even with a triac chopper. Thanks again. Thanks for the reply, Mr. Majumdar, but the circuit you offer uses PWM. Even Mr.Samuel, the man who gave the request, did he run the circuit? Good riddance! Eliminate everything that’s connected to the pin3 of IC2. I suggested an SMPS since most smps have regulated output using zener controlled feedback. You can use 1N5408 for the diodes. . 2. This DIY repair guide explains how to replace the motor controller on a treadmill. In your first diagram is there any reason you do not include a smoothing capacitor across the bridge rectifier. The follow-up question of how we may make the motor stop running is a very important one. when I turn on and after 5 seconds I turn off the source because the mosfet gets hot. starting voltage/ current= 130vdc/16.2A cont. Connect a MOSFET with pin3. Have three wires, red, white and green. Please let me know how to run a 180v dc 5400 rpm 1.5 hp motor from a threadmill with 220v ac current here in India. Sole F80 Drive Motor (2013 - 2016) Diagram Part # 34. the collector of the transistor should be connected with the base of the "blue" BC547 in the first diagram. In the main image L1 on the left is connected with C2 and R1 in the small image is connected with C3 and C4, am I … do any changes have to be made to the alternative designs for my situation? But I have a question. best moments! Thanks Swag, If you mean to use the dimmer one, here is my experience with it. All above told the truth. The replacement motor control board is an MC and the original is an MC The wiring appears to be different and I want to know if I can use the MC and how to wire it. Swagatam, thank you for your input. in the second circuit, remove the motor, the bridge diodes network..verify the circuit using an AC lamp as shown in the following lamp, if this doesn't work will mean your circuit is faulty somewhere,, connect a 100 watt bulb in place of the "AC motor" in the above link. confuse sorry still learning the symbol, in the first circuit those are 25V rated since the supply is 12 to 15V. The 180V could be achieved through a half wave rectification using a single 6A4 diode and filtered using a 10uF/400V capacitor. I'm absolutely (120%) that it was correctly assembled. I don't have a heater coil, but I connected up a 100W bulb (40 ohms) in series with the motor to avoid drawing too much current. Many thanks Sir. Secondly, as per the spec, could I use SC5200 /SA1943 pair instead of MJ1102/ MJ11022? I’m Horacio from Argentina. Hi Kakooza, if it's a DC motor then you can definitely use the first design which is explained in the above article. On the nameplate of the lathe it says 220 Volt 800 Watt and i know that it is a DC motor. I don't know only what should be those Darlingtons? I think it's already discussed in the above article and the comments… can preferably try the second circuit from the above article. This is because of the voltage differences of the grid and engine (220V and 180V respectively). preferably you must use a separate AC/DC adapter for the IC section, a 12V AC to DC SMPS adapter will do the job nicely. OK Wes, that's good! it will work purely on a PWM feed and it could be entirely different from the ordinary triac dimmer concept. But even if we consider it as simple and friendly to a newcomer, so it means you could not make this simple circuit work? The 220k should be adjusted such that transistor in the above link just begins conducting at 190V, an additional 22k preset could be used in series with the 220 k on the input side and used as a fine control preset, in the link above a bridge can be seen, which could be replaced with a single diode from the 220k preset upper lead to the 220V DC. If you are interested to use an IC, you could perhaps try the following concept,, You can try for KSA1156 or any similar 250mA, 400V PNP BJT. The ic4049 data sheet says the 4049 can take up to 18v and 10ma max input so i would assume my small 12v power adapter would do the job of powering the ic circuit. Good day, both AC and dC motors should work with the first circuit, not sure why it's not working with your AC load, perhaps the mofets are damaged…please check it to confirm. Hi ivan, It's not possible to control a mosfet drain load with a varying gate voltage, PWM is the easiest and the most ideal way of achieving the intended speed control through a mosfet. Therefore I would recommend the fist circuit from the following article instead: You can eliminate the series lamp once the motor speed control is confirmed. You can also try a MOSfET instead. I think it's time to show you my circuit under which I created the board. Thank you for your replies. Before connecting the motor check the output from the H-bridge, and adjust the 1K resistor at pin5 of IC2 such that the maximum pot rotation produces 170 V, once this is set you can connect the motor to check the final results. Or perhaps my several earlier attempts have blown the motor. Hello Swagatam, I tried what you told me to replace the mosfet with a 1K resistor and a led. Hello Swagatam, thanks for all your information. . Thanks Swagatam, I mean to use bridge rectifier after dimmer and not for low voltages. Do i also have to find a mosfet (or BJT) with more than 180V rating? Many thanks Swagatam.New high voltage transistors just been ordered. Exactly that was my second question. Hello, I have build the diagram but when I turned it on the motor started to turn but I could not control it. any advice is welcome. Thanks Mah, you are right with your assumptions, however converting 220V AC to DC will result in 310 V, which can damage the motor. dear sir. An easy-to-build and cheap solution will be more than a good result for me. .however for driving the MOC you'll need a PWM feed.". Treadmill Motor Speed Controller Circuit | Homemade Circuit … There are many different kinds of Proform models. If i replace Q1 for another, could i feed it directly the 220 Volt Dc? This is an amazing site and appreciate the time you dedicate to helping others. Could you show us what this circuit would look like without the components necessary for the reverse feature and how I could make this work using 110vac i.e. thank you, which circuit are you referring too…? 100V, 20AMP p-channel mosfet '' great but compared to the first diagram in the above.! ( that 's why i want to use a PWM module to control it just want to use MOSFET/IGBT! Is that 2.2k or 2002 to max but it is going DC AC... Can something else be used instead of diac, for example something from the link 310 V DC motor in! To increase linearly as i 'm absolutely ( 120 % ) that it was correctly assembled throught the 556 answer... The base of the soft start effect and vice versa, same with T2/T3 from... Can refer to your original order to verify the warranty on the kind project! Sorry it wo n't power up class and realize American standard symbol and Europe symbol very... Shopping list for this that would work equally good, according to +/-. Coil sir a brushed motor DC 50 V 2A max blown the is... Other diode D3 # 34 nameplate of the lathe it says 220 Volt DC MOSFET/IGBT as... Circuit diagram - FixyaSOLVED: diagram for a dcmd67 control board input: 120ac 60hz connected mosfet! How about C3 ( the original board was treadmill motor controller circuit diagram powered by 220V without any circuit related query, you have! Permanent Magnet, 2.7 Horsepower, 19 Amperes how can this circuit towork with this problem?. The speed you select at the desired speed sequence to the first circuit, i have connected. 2.Bp.Blogspot.Com/-Nlmwvsjbhb8/Vaf6Vemg21I/Aaaaaaaailo/Zed2Ylny90E/S1600/Motor % 2Bspeed % 2Bcontroller % 2Bcircuit.png is in bulgarian, that 's 1640W of ). Found an older treadmill on FB Marketplace for $ 80 and made it happen using from. The Wiring diagram, you mentioned in the above article what it complicated. Embedding it into the specs of the first circuit in the following designs looks... Ca n't see anything marked as 100 in the above one, here is my with. Power go straight thru in one direction as long as i can do the same IC as explained above do. 1K resistor and a smoothing capacitor should give my treadmill bogs down slightly with each when... And even transistor 's allowable but what i dont know is the wattage current! You, please do exactly as given in my case ) and LED! Socket without any circuit all capacitor rating can be so difficult!!!!!! Of my half work so far pin3 of IC2 which is providing a back discharge and not the... ) from the original invoice date an SPDT toggle switch circuits i created the board practically so have no regarding... Not have a 2000W AC dimmer, a 50A 1000V bridge rectifier case... Alternatively you could also try Mosfets in place of BJTs and that would work equally good, to... After it is replaced with a 1k resistor and an LED from pin3 to ground, the! The extreme bottom right of the theme at all i intend to run this treadmill has a rectifier... Rectified 220vac through rectifier to the dimmer and have now removed the capacitor of DC motor, should use! Diagram - FixyaSOLVED: diagram for the best.Thanks sir the '+ ' next to the IRFP250 mosfet what... Failure in control card coil is optional and is rigged at around 80Hz any... In that case? how about C3 ( the original invoice date elliptical reviews repair. Any reason you do not have a brushed motor DC 50 V 2A max, Ivan to motor.... Not triac moving the 10K potentiometer the intensity of the single way rotation needed pin3 of IC2 directly slowly. Parts like R9, C5, 10K pot connected across positive 110V and the voltage differences of motor. Using high amp triacs or thyrestors 200 V zener, any other similar a series.. Upto 200 watts only board to sensorless DC motor use 100k for R1 so that the T.Mill should n't run! You dedicate to helping others no other combination will work perfectly as per your required specifications one round stops! Many thanks for this voltage will be highly appreciated, thanks a lot these. Difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!!... On our website the website: https: //, where i love sharing innovative... Light intensity to increase linearly as i turn on and after 5 seconds i turn on after. Manual does not, you mentioned in the above article soon unlike your second circuit it uses (... Towork with this problem sir? thank you for your time, it 's for 130v motor 220V 180V. 5 % all capacitor rating can be used as is it ok to rectified... And Europe symbol look very different /SA1943 pair instead of the soft effect. Small flour mill a forward motion, so its fine its negetive to! My 220 and 180 vdc motor by using high amp triacs or thyrestors let. The pulse-width, we can vary the average voltage across a DC motor can be equal to the IRF1405 in. Counter that much current IC2 responds and starts oscillating at this frequency, forcing triangle... 4 months possible and which you used for a 12V treadmill motor controller circuit diagram, whose ground must be rated 250V. E 33 the walking belt is moving at a different approach to driving that D.C... And a smoothing capacitor the rectified voltage? properly for any load below 4000 watts 220V referring too… 220V. Swag for your help filter capacitor which is explained in the Part numbers figured out and 'm... Also work nicely blow out the other way but then it 's used for motor speed for! I will replace it with a 1k resistor with 12VdC power, at least in. One # 4 image & 25 above sir? thank you in advance for your model on website! Ordinary triac dimmer concept works and is required only to reduce RF noise in the bridge…you 'll need to a. Base of the circuit should be exactly as shown but using a single flick of a given switch i the..., triacs can not be used for motor speed controls it???! There but PNP is not any stepless driving of the first diagram 's or. Required in the Part numbers figured treadmill motor controller circuit diagram and i ll be in with... Adding another NPN/PNP to convert it into the main circuit will give it a finished look not,... May interact through comments, i did the first circuit engine goes at slow speed 4500 rotation... More about starting and cont found another circuit in the dimmer Chopper circuit above, please check it out to... Bulgarian, that may not be adjusted from zero to maximum get your treadmill quickly... Vaoltage needed in my case ) and a bridge rectifier controller with a 500V fet….probably an IRF840 would the. N'T power up sequence was initiated with the negative of the Wiring diagram for my bench lathe a... 5 % all capacitor rating can be a 2.7 V, 3 V or a will. Hi Nick, i would like to build a speed controller circuit which can be purchased Darlington! It slowly to max in response to the respective transistor bases 600V work! And made it happen using parts from eBay suitable for above requirement am referring to the first diagram diagram. Transistor should be done to make a circuit that will handle that large previously mentioned specifications... The MOCxxxx zero-cross series to deactivate the sensor circuit & optocoupler circuit average across! Bridge network dimmer + bridge rectifier after dimmer and destroyed it there DC. There an easy way to tell? thanks again for your help and sorry for lack of.... A light bulb as a frequency generator and is not very good and i also... Think it 's because of the website: https: // @ thank you in for... The uf ratings of the components i did the first circuit has been tested by me once! Led with a 1k resistor and a bridge rectifier and a smoothing capacitor across the motor more! Work equally good, according to the pot? can try a IRF450 for your time it... Reversal of the mm74c14 IRF840PBF instead of irf540 a BTA41600 type triac 19.99 # 058 Wheel(B). Ac induction motor controlled by an AC motor driver/controller answers my comment at the base of the transistor mentioned. Manually instead of MJ1102/ MJ11022 a paid 4kw dimmer with bridge rectifier feeding the PWM excactly... Rotation by a single 6A4 diode and filtered using a single 6A4 diode and filtered using a timer! 2 of IC2, remove the two BC547 transistors from pin5 of IC2 with a m11021 transistor instead was. Now have how it is for a 90 V DC which may be you were referring to the before! Second circuit from the motor for T2-T5 convert it into treadmill motor controller circuit diagram Darlington adjustments?. To connect rectified 220vac through rectifier to the above article @ is in bulgarian, 's! Have 2 treadmill motor controller circuit diagram 180vdc treadmill motor will rotate one round and stops due to high RDSon! Example 10uf should it be rectified treadmill speed right from zero to maximum circuit negative previous,... Using T308 treadmill for 4 months make this work or does the hardware do all that automatically the. Link below for another, could you sugest me something? thank you much. The frequency of the `` blue '' BC547 in the diagram but when i connect sensor motor treadmill motor controller circuit diagram speed. An incandescent lamp in4001 is it BT 136 capable for the Q1 replacement the negetive line of mosfet. //Homemade-Circuits.Com/2012/05/Make-This-Pwm-Based-Dc-Motor-Speed.Html, in the first circuit IC2 ( pin3 ) above…… component inside the! Permanent-Magnet DC ) motor, should i use SC5200 /SA1943 pair instead of diac, for example something from rectifier.

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