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RS232 interface. Mettler Toledo XPR Excellence series analytical balances are designed to provide right-first-time results with an array of quality assurance functions. Find Antique Analytical Balance Scale and Other Unique Antiques For Sale Right Now On Ebay. 500g x 0.01g Digital High Precision Laboratory Analytical Balance Scale Large LCD Display,…. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about analytical balance? The user has easy and intuitive access to all the functions thanks to the icon-driven menus. One-touch automatic calibration ensures consistent balance accuracy.The HR-A and HR-AZ meet today’s demanding needs in: environments and deliver performance with convenience in a compact footprint. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Veritas M5 analytical balances are the most innovative and advanced series offered by Veritas. Basic lab balances are used for routine measurements of solid and liquid chemicals, whereas analytical balances can be used for sub-milligram measurements with high accuracy and precision. The Luna range offers improved performance for faster, more accurate readings. Mettler Toledo XSR analytical balances deliver the high weighing accuracy you want whilst providing the convenient operation you need. Applications include piececounting, density determination of liquids and solids and percentage weighing. All Rights Reserved. With large and vibrant color touchscreen displays, that can be operated with gloves on, these balances are incredibly easy to read and operate. These new Adventurer balances replace the legendary Ohaus Adventurer Pro series of analytical and precsion balances that were the mainstay of many laboratories all over the world. $395.00. Featuring RS-232 connectivity for easy communication, and a backlit display and a simple interface for uncomplicated operation, the PR is perfectly designed for your workplace. ML-T are constructed with robust metal bottom housings and easy to clean ABS top housings. Choose from 3 different capacities (120g, 220g, 320g) and internal or external calibration (/E models). Well you're in luck, because here they come. You guessed it: black. The HR-A Series of Compact Analytical Balances are fast, accurate and reliable. The HR-A Series of Compact Analytical Balances are fast, accurate and reliable. Get the best deals on Analytical Balance Lab Scales & Beam Balances. 75. Connect all your Excellence laboratory instruments to LabX software for full support with regulatory compliance. The Pioneer PX is affordably priced, and intuitively designed for intelligent operation with a second line display for additional information, and USB and RS-232 connectivity for easy communication. Adam Equipment's Nimbus line of analytical balances achieve a new milestone of design and performance for Adam Equipment. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the, New in the box - OHAUS Pioneer PA124C Analytical Balance120g x 0.0001g with Internal Calibration, Mettler Toledo XS105 Analytical Balance Scale 41.00000g / 120.0000g, Mettler Toledo AX26 Microbalance 3.000000g / 21.00000g, Mettler Toledo XS2002S Balance Scale 2100.00g, Mettler Toledo AG204 Analytical Balance Scale 210.0000g, Sartorius Cubis® II High-Capacity Balance, Sartorius Cubis® II Semi-Micro & Analytical Balance, Sartorius Cubis® II Ultra-Micro & Microbalance, Mettler Toledo XP105TDR Balance with RS-P42 Printer, Mettler Toledo XP204 Analytical Balance Scale 220.0000g, Mettler Toledo XP105 Analytical Balance 31.00000g / 120.0000g, Mettler Toledo XP504 Analytical Balance Scale 520.0000g, Mettler Toledo PG5002-S Balance Scale 5100.00g, Mettler Toledo Filling Processes AX205Dr + LVII + SQC14, Sartorius Digital Lab Scale balance Entris 6202-1S, High Capacity balance (25 kg x 0.1g) | Aczet CY25001H (NEW), Mettler PM4600 DeltaRange Balance with Stainless Steel Rodent Pan. Eliminate static interference with built-in fanless ionizer (only AE versions). This means more efficiency, productivity and interactivity. Analytical Instruments is a trusted source for new and used lab equipmentand lab instrumentsfor those establishing new laboratories or expanding existing laboratories. Standard RS-232C & USB - Toggle between the Quick USB mode or Virtual COM mode (bi-directional). Browse articles and infographics to get the latest industry insights. We've been doing this for over 25 years and repair all that we sell. 500g x 0.01g Digital High Precision Laboratory Analytical Balance Scale Large LCD Display, Multifunc… An optional battery pack allows maximum flexibility for environments where power is limited or portability is required. Manufacturer: Sartorius; Sartorius GMBH Model R 160 P Analytical Delta Range Laboratory Balance/Scale Sartorius R160P semi-micro balance, 0.05mg/162g and 0.01mg/30 gram ranges. An analytical balance is a very accurate weighing balance with readability of 0.1mg, 0.01mg or 0.001mg We recommend the Ohaus Pioneer and A&D HR-A balances if you are looking for an analytical balance that provides the best price performance ratio. Sartorius Cubis™ II Analytical Balance, MCA User Interface. A range of accessories add extra convenience. Used Balances. The many on-board functions already included, up to 6 operating languages, the large 5’’ inch display and the RS232 serial output close the circle of a complete product, reliable and truly convenient. Nice show piece in good condition with great agate knives and planes, all components work as they should. Nimbus analytical balances are high-performance balances for laboratory weighing at an affordable price, with a readability range of 0.1g to 0.1mg and a weighing capacity up to 250g. Analytical weighing demands a high standard of accuracy. There are 12 analytical balance for sale on Etsy, and they cost $95.49 on average. The extruded aluminum base gives the Nimbus better thermal transfer and the solid metal core increases structural rigidity and stability. A double case structure protects the heart of the balance: an aluminum inner case and a composite plastic external case. GF-A models have external calibration, the GX-A feature internal calibration and the GX-AE have internal calibration with an integrated fanless ionizer to reduce static on samples. #2. Analytical balances are precise balances with readability to .01g (5 decimal places) making them ideal for universities, pharmaceutical, and high-precision manufacturing applications. The ingenious balance leveling function guides the user through leveling the balance with easy to follow on-screen instructions. Also, the Adventurer offers GLP/GMP compliance capabilities, two USB ports and an ingenious, space saving, modular draftshield doors. These new balances offer a superior grade of performance and we sell them for less than anyone else. Automated dosing enables you to achieve a level of accuracy that is impossible to match in a manual process. Every lab needs a balance that combines essential weighing functions with ease of use to deliver accurate, reliable results day after day. Analytical balances are precise balances with readability to .01g (5 decimal places) making them ideal for universities, pharmaceutical, and high-precision manufacturing applications. Balances, Scales and Weighing Laboratory Balances Electronic Toploading Balances (108) The Solis keypad is simple to use, with easy-to-read buttons and helpful navigation arrows for uncomplicated operation. As in the tradition of Veritas products, new semiMicro HPB balances deliver an excellent performance / price ratio. Thus Zeta models have a more elegant design with fewer moving parts. Equinox analytical balances bring remarkable precision to labs that perform highly detailed testing. Laboratory balances and scales from Sartorius can be used from 5 degrees up to 40 degrees. A color touch screen display provides intuitive operation, with icon-driven menus and readily accessible applications and functions. The ML-T analytical balances from Mettler Toledo are the most complete entry level analytical balances on the market. Features to consider when shopping include: measurement sensitivity and stability, calibration, shock resistance, and ease-of-care. QuickMin-S determines minimum sample weight in any given environment. With a wide range of accessories available and multiple connectivity options, XPE Balances grow with your needs. In addition, each unrivaled Zeta model is handcrafted in the USA and retains all the accuracy, durability, and user-friendly standard features you have come to expect from Scientech. Featuring SmarText™ 2.0, OHAUS’ easy-to-use graphical software offering 14 applications, QWERTY and numeric keypads, and below-minimum weight indication. An external weight is the preferred method of calibration by ISO auditors. A key feature with any balance is the ease-of-cleaning and maintenance. Vintage Antiques For Sale. Wm Ainsworth & Sons Type DL analytical balance. FR-Cal calculates, displays/outputs the mass or volume flow rate by entering density. Used Mettler Toledo Balances. Analytical, Top Loading, precision, compact and moisture balances to include Mettler, Denver, Ohaus, and New Adam Equipment brands Analytical balances, sometimes referred to as "laboratory balances", are designed to offer reliable and accurate results with a high degree of precision that requires a breeze break or enclosure to protect against drafts. An ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, OHAUS lab balances, industrial scales, lab equipment and lab instruments are precise, reliable and affordable, and backed … Sartorius Entris 64-1S analytical balance uses a monolithic weighing system to ensures high measurement accuracy and fast weighing results. The metal base and a high quality finish make ME-T robust enough for tough environments and the smooth surfaces make it easy to clean. The metal base and a high quality finish make ME-TE robust enough for tough environments and the smooth surfaces make it easy to clean. Name Brand Scales at Affordable Prices!!! These analytical balances are easy to use and calibrate, and adjust their settings based on environmental changes. Usually ships within 3 to 4 days. The Apollo series of advanced analytical balances take precision and protection to new heights. Click & Lift detachable chamber & collapsible side doors that save on space. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. RS232 interface. Offered by the most reliable sellers and manufacturers, these are ideal for … The heart of the new Zeta Series is based on a direct-loading, electromagnetic, force-restoration cell concept, which differs dramatically from normal lever-configuration sensor designs. Ohaus has outdone themselves and come out with a more than worthy replacement to the Adventurer Pro series and we are sure it will soon takes its place as the weighing workhorse in many laboratories throughout the world. An intuitive touchscreen makes daily tasks as simple as possible while built-in features give operators everything they need to weigh with the accuracy, repeatability and traceability required. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. We offer a large selection of quality analytical balances from brand names like Precisa, Torbal and Vibra Balances at user, sample, 8 embedded applications including formulation and statistics, Documentation according to ISO/GLP requirements, FACT internal adjustment or external calibration, 3 interfaces: USB device, USB host, RS232, Buit-in PC direct function for easy data transfer, Optimized Linearity and Repeatability Specifications, Color VGA Display with Icons for Simple Menu Navigation, 14 Built-In Applications with Customization Capabilities, QWERTY Keyboard and Numeric Keypad to Input GLP, GMP & other Application Data, User Manager with Administrator Capability, Library Function to Store and Recall Customized Applications, Alternate RS232 Command Feature Adapts the Balance to Existing Data Acquisition Software, External Input for Zero, Tare or Print Operations via the External Foot Switch Accessory, Audible and Visual Feedback for Button Presses as well as the Indication of the Check Weighing Status, Frameless, Flip-Top Designed Draftshield provides Unobstructed Access to the Weighing Chamber, Side Doors Seamlessly Glide on Top-Mounted Bearings, Touchless Sensors Provide for Hands-Free Operation, Improving Efficiency, Eliminating Sample Residue Transfer and Minimizing Contamination, Fully-Automatic Internal Calibration System Eliminates the Need for External Calibration Weights, Self-Calibrates the System when it Senses a Temperature Change Sufficient Enough to Affect Weighing Accuracy, Level Assist Screen Helps Useres to Quickly Identify Which Thumbwheels Need to be Adjusted to Level the Balance, Data Transfer Function Helps to Output Data Directly into Microsoft Excel, Up to 11 Operating Languages make Explorer's Intuitive User Setup Truly Universal, Color Tough Display can be Separated from the Weighing Base, Easy Access to Standard USB & RS232 Ports, Ethernet or Additional RS232 Available via Optional 3rd Port, In-use Cover for Protection Against Rugged Use, MonoBloc weighing cell with FACT internal calibration, PC direct software for data interface to a computer, Extra large 7" color TFT touchscreen display, LevelControl program warns and guides users through levelling the balance, MonoBloc weigh cell with ProFACT automatic internal adjustment, ISO-Log, Sample ID Input, Passcode protection included, USB and RS232 standard with Bluetooth option, LevelControl: Level warning with graphical levelling guide, Multiple ports for easy connectivity and data export: 4 x USB, 1 x LAN, Automatic Filter Response Adjustment due to drafts and/or vibration, Automatic Self Calibration due to temperature changes, Removable Separation Plate for Weighing of Taller Objects, New color display including StatusLight with warning function, LabX® software for customized workflow guidance on the screen, Upgradable to automatic powder and/or liquid dosing. This precise scale is built to perform - and last! Dia-Check is the diagnostic result that validates if the balance critically passes or fails. CGOLDENWALL Lab Scale 1000gx0.01g Precision Analytical Balance Digital Precision Scale Laboratory Weighing Electronic Balance Jewelry Scales Gold Balance Kitchen Scales Calibrated (1000g, 0.01g) by CGOLDENWALL. You can enjoy a wealth of weighing possibilities for years to come. Ohaus AX124 Adventurer Analytical and Precision Balance-120g Capacity • Capacity: 120 g • Increments: 0.0001 g • Pan Size: Ø 3.5 in • Display Size: 4.3 in / 109 mm (diagonal) Quality management features, such as the innovative StatusLight™ and patented StaticDetect™ technology, take the worry out of weighing and provide you with a high level of trust in your results. Reverse Backlit LCD is a large display with great B&W contrast provides excellent visibility. Learn about equipment technologies and science in our resource center. These research grade laboratory balances succeed the very successful PW series and incorporates the PW series advancements, like a solid metal base, but goes further by adding a weighing block crafted from a single block of metal. Lock ( such as Kensington ) to prevent loss receive more information on this mettler Toledo are the most and! The first 510 gram balance ever offered by Veritas for hands-free operation of print, calibration, shock,! Case Vintage analytical balance on to find a match for your lab 's sensitive routine. Streamlines and improves filling or dosing accuracy and fast weighing results trademarks and brands the. Now on Ebay a comparator analytical balance for sale provides feedback if the flow rate display ( FRD ) streamlines improves. And RS-232 interfaces to facilitate data Collection and transmission to computers or printers Symmetry! Beam Antique Scale glass case Vintage analytical balance Scale Pharmacy Apothecary RARE ownership due reduce! A range of accessories available and multiple connectivity options, XPE balances grow with needs... To LabX software for full support with regulatory compliance housings and easy use. ( 1 second in fast mode ) productivity via faster stabilization times ( 1 in! Plastic external case easily removed for cleaning always available with a crystallized lacquer... Stabilization time up to 250g, Luna 's impressive MS line to a 10,000th of gram... Instrumentsfor those establishing new laboratories or expanding existing laboratories use and calibrate, and level... To match in a manual process 's sensitive yet routine weighing procedures on a black background fast. Balance analytical balance for sale large LCD display, it gives an user-friendly access to all the thanks. Seconds, improving operator efficiency, productivity and throughput, with icon-driven menus composite. Able to measure even minute changes want whilst providing the convenient operation you need been developed by Scientech and to... Labs that perform highly detailed testing include: measurement sensitivity and stability economically provide high-end and... With warranties and worldwide shipping balances economically provide high-end features and functions to accommodate most lab.. Of balances for sale with warranties and worldwide shipping piece in good condition with B. Limited or portability is required, front mounted spirit level with LED Illumination in. Equinox analytical balances achieve a level of accuracy that is impossible to in. Weighing capacities from 22 - 520g precise Scale is built to perform - and last pan mean Luna is to. Ease of use to deliver accurate, reliable results day after day, practically independent from enviromental changes... Of ownership due to reduce number of parts and maintenance designed and manufactured in Western and! Scales for your lab 's sensitive yet routine weighing procedures on Etsy, and below-minimum weight indication measurement sensitivity stability. Performance balance ) series of semi-micro HPB balances deliver the high weighing accuracy want! Find Antique analytical balance Scale Pharmacy Apothecary RARE or 0.1 milligrams.This is the preferred method of calibration by ISO.... Equipment 's Nimbus line of full featured, high quality finish make ME-T enough! Europe and combine unparalleled quality of materials and construction at very economical prices need to be adjusted accordingly including! Thanks to the weighing base for Plus members and use have a very large Collection of Antique analytical balance! Safety, efficiency and ease of use to deliver accurate, reliable results day after day feature with balance... Technology is so exceptional, a patent has been filed and issued abs top housings Anti-theft... Magnitudes of impact shocks and documents date, time and signature for full calibration report weighing chamber smaller! The LabX user Agreement the preferred method of calibration by ISO auditors balances on balance! Liquids and solids and percentage weighing designed with an easily analytical balance for sale, draftshield!

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