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Hello, my dear bee. Hello, Ibrahim. Saga (2) wild cherry (3) yarrow (4) hysop. Prepare a chamomile and marigold tea and when it has the right temperature, add a spoon of baking soda. 5.Chamomile The plant has many names depending on the tribe. Tenks for d good work dear jorjette c…more grace to ur elbow.. pls wat is the Yoruba name for saw palmetto and wild yam leave? C’mon Shani, if you know so much where is your contribution. ATA, founded in 1959, is the largest professional association of translators and interpreters in the U.S. with over 10,000 members in more than 103 countries. ... We go extra miles to get you the needed information about how you can manage your health by letting you know the local or vernacular names of the herbs mentioned. 4.Raisins Thanks, What is the yoruba name for indian turmeric or goldenseal leaf and wild letus…and pls what bot d yoruba names for chasteberry or vitex agnus and maca, Good work on here. As I found, ewe ejirin is Ground Cucurbitaceae. For examples I had this problem with my face – cystic acnee. (lol). Some other names found in Yoruba tribes for this tree, are: i want the yoruba name for muira pauma- my email is and phone is 08081967020. The Nigeria Field published an article on the tree in 1963 (“Okoubaka- a rare juju tree,” vol,28, pp. SOME PEAOPLE SAYS YORUBA NAME FOR PARSLEY LEAVE IS EWE SEPELEBA, IS IT TRUE? First prepare the tea and make a steam bath for the face with this tea. “. Pls what is saw palmetto in yoruba language. But I discovered you haven’t replied those asking for the Yoruba name for the plant “Houseleek”. I love gardening, animals, birds, all kind of beings. ATA History. pls what is the English name for Ewe abeyin so. Please, what is the Yoruba name for Black seed & Licorice root? Yoruba name for cinnamon is igi adi dun or igi agbayun. Gosh!!!!!!????? The leaf extract has been discovered to inhibit the growth of human prostate cancer cell. Pls it’s so urgent. Pls what is the natural ways/herbs for treating glaucoma and pterygium? Tumeric is ata Ile pupa in Yoruba Cayenne is Bawa Chilli is Shombo in Yoruba Black pepper is iyere in Yoruba, Oziza in igbo Thorny pigweed/prickly amaranth is tete eleegun in yoruba Pls post yours. ATA Connect is an ATA retailer exclusive online discussion forum that is a safe, confidential networking space to constructively discuss business challenges. Purslane, Pigweed, Little Hogweed – Portulaca oleracea – Gbure. The ATA has many advantages for members that directly benefit your business. It is used as a vegetable in India and other Asian countries and as an ingredient in some kinds of curries. USDA Organic regulations stipulate that crops are produced without using irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides or genetically modified organisms. Yoruba name for back of Astonia boonie. Some of you Yoruba parents even made it an offense for your children or wards to speak Yoruba in your household. Pls kindly help with dis plant in Yoruba language, I want to get dem. Lying bitches! Hope it helps. It is powerful and I’m willing to share the powerful knowledge with anyone that helped me get the name in Yoruba. I will really appreciate if you can help with these. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please what is the yoruba and igbo name for maple? Ataya has a lot of health benefits, provided it is properly prepared, as well as health risks, if it is being misused either by not being boiled the right way or excess consumption, or mixed with another product as the case in Sierra Leone. And make vaginal douches. The Yoruba name for beet root is Isu Dandan or Alubosa Eleje – the Onion that gives forth blood. What is Afromomum danielli (also called olima in igbo) called in yoruba language. Clove KIDNEY FAILURE: the kidney can stop functioning, if … Please can you help me with the yoruba name of fennel seeds,blessed thistle root,fenugreek seeds,saw palmetto, please what is the yoruba name for lemon orange. As I know, mint leaves are Mintii.I also found that kiwi is ẹyẹ odò, but I’m not completely sure. Thank you for your appreciation. Please what is Yoruba name for witch hazel? I dont think saw palmetto is indigenous to Nigeria. please what is the yoruba name for cinnamon. Parsley – Petroselinum crispum is Isako/Oshun in yoruba language. Bitter melon or Momordica charantia is Ejinrin were or ewe were in yoruba language. I really enjoyed your comment! 6. Some of the so-called Yoruba children on this page are so pathetic that it’s mind-boggling! It is called Ako in Edo, Nkarika in Ibibio, Mmimi in Igbo, and Ata igbere in Yoruba. Jegende Fenugreek is ewedu in yoruba, Ahuhaa in igbo and hulba in Hausa. Please is there any home ready for pimples for a lady that is close to her thirties… Your email address will not be published. Lawsonia inermis – henna, cypress shrub, egyptian privet, alkanna – laali in yoruba, uhie inine in Igbo. What is fennel seeds called in yoruba,pls it is very urgent, What is the name for asparagus in any nigerian language (Igbo or yoruba). I did not respond because I do not know the name… Did you think about that? Gathering all the plant local names you know and calling them yoruba is just lazy on your part. You you have an oral herpes, then use a honey and propolis mixture. 1.wheatgrass Please whats the name of Ewe Efinrin in English language. Please what is Yoruba name for Cinnamon. my name is kolawole, please I want to know the English name for Ebolo vegetable. what is arrowroot called in yoruba language. I want to be sure dandelion is efo yanrin.thanks. Kindly help with the name of Apricots in Yoruba. The ATA Health Center lets you know that there's a problem by raising an alert (a red dot) above the Health Center icon in the menu bar. this is rich, kindly keep it up, I also thank for your positive feedback! :* Hugs from me, also! The Italian and his Nigerian partner asserted as a matter of fact that none of the still or video pictures they took of a Baobab tree in a village somewhere in Nasarawa State could be printed or played back when they returned to base. what is the yoruba name for licorice root? Thanks. ATA, like many computer terms, is an acronym for Advanced Technology Attachment and is the standard interface for storage devices such as hard drives and CD-ROMs in a computer. Gee!! **, Hello,you have done For example, it is often important to make an extra sacrifice to Eshu Elegba when sacrificing to another god, in recognition of the fact that Eshu Elegba is the messenger and mediator between the Yoruba and the gods, and also to prevent him from becoming jealous which would create further problems for the patient. 2. What is the Yoruba name for mustard seed powder. Massage and dietary prescription were applied. I really appreciate you a lot. Thanks. Thanks in advance, thanks for this information. please what is the yoruba name for acacia plant. In 1930, Kennedy obtained seed of the tree which he sowed in the nursery. The important text of Yoruba medicine is the Odu, a collection of 256 verses which is the oracle consulted for diagnosis and treatment by the Ifa priests. Ooyo – Corchorus aestuans Meyinro You answer the questions I have been asking for years. This information is so useful. It is consumed with pita, dipped in olive oil. It really helps JC thanks,still need the Yoruba name for fennel seed and red clover. Need it so urgent… Thanks, ewedu in yoruba is ayoyo in hausa. By sacrificing to a particular god or ancestor, or procuring a specific charm to protect against a malicious spell. 3.Sorrel You ll be amazed at how many people are waiting for your reply on that. Thank you for the great work you are doing. They also have large amounts of beta-caryophyllene, which is an anti-inflammatory agent. Can anyone help me with the name of Wormwood in Yoruba? The basil (Ocimum basilicum) is called in yoruba language efinrin also efinrin wewe, aruntantan. You can be sure, the yoruba name for dandelion is efo yanrin. Please, what is the native name for tea tree in Yoruba? May G-d Almighty grant you more blessing.Amen, please help me with this herbs name in yoruba or igbo any one: “I refer to the Research Note by O.A Akinpelu on Igi-nla, [botanical name Okoubaka aubrevillei] in Vol 75, pp 92-96. Hello, Owen. The herpes is the result of a body infection, so you have to treat the infection. With Atay, wellness is just a sip away. Yoruba parents of nowadays can see how stupid they have been. Vitex agnus cactus its a tree, and there are many species from the same family. Please I need the yoruba names of this plants thanks. Please try to contact Haoulat Ajihun (previous comment) maybe he knows! To treat the inside infection you can try to use garlic. It took a non-Yoruba, a white woman, for that matter to teach you that it’s “osan wewe.” She even teaches you what orombo is. Maca (Lepidium meyenii). I need to know the vulgar name for “dyschoriste perrottetii” in yoruba is gbómopon but I need the common name. Thank you. If you want to treat annovulation, you should consider to eat a nourishing diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, God bless u. Pls what is d Yoruba name for cinnamon,sandalwood,(not camwood) &mint leaf? So educative. Thank you very much for your help! Thanks for also contributing to this mistake.In Ghana too they make the same mistakes.likewise HYSSOP and PURSLANE.In most African countries they used purslane as Hyssop. Syzygium aromaticum or Clove is konofuru. Celery They immediately gave them money for sacrifice and were able to get good still and video pictures.”. Thank You. hello, please what is parsley in yoruba and where can i buy them ,thanks, pls wot is yoruba name for sage weeds and golden seal leave thank you, Pls what is the name of barely , black seed in yoruba thanks. Eruwasun Hope this helps. THANKS FOR YOUR WORK. E vetmja Agjenci Kombëtare e Lajmeve në Shqipëri, e krijuar mbi 70 vjet më parë. Secondly, you should have a balanced diet, a balanced lifestyle. Hello, Omolara. For example, the woman already told you the meaning of cinnamon and many others, but it’s so annoying that most of you kept asking the same questions! Launaea taraxacifolia – African lettuce, wild lettuce – efo yanrin. Hello, Afi. They developed a shamanistic medical tradition utilizing both herbalism (practiced by the onishegun, herbal healers) and divination (practiced by the balabwo, priests of the Ifa cult.). Thanks. Burdock Sir, We appreciate your work. bugleweed So i will just keep quiet. Thank you for the good job. I think I found the answer for you, it’s not the English name, but the Latin, for sure it will help you. Moringa leaves rank among the most nutritionally rich plant material in living existence on the planet. You mean this Saga Tree (Adenanthera Pavonina)? To some culture, they never knew its health benefits. Enchinacea purpurea, Good morning MA please Yoruba name for Kashmir tree, Wow! just for d smile, are u sure you not a babalawo? This is the latin name, I don’t know the English one. As for the celery, I don’t know, yet :). Verbena – Verbena officinalisVerbena – Ewe Orukan, Yemaya. I beg u in the name of God,I need yoruba names of the following: Keep the good work please. Thanks for your contribution.I will like to know the botanical name of these following leaves…Ewe ela, Ewe imi esu, ewe agogo ,Ewe esisi, ewe aje,ewe orijin,ewe olojongbodu,ewe wowo,ewe lapalapa funfun ati pupa,ewe ajeobale,ewe eti ponla,ewe tanarerinkomi,ewe tanagbowo,ewe agunmona,ewe afomo ajade,ewe adosusu,ewe yeesi,ewe ogo. . WHAT IS YORUBA NAME FOR MINT LEAVE AND PARSLEY. 7.Celery, Thanks for the good work Grape is girepu, pear is péa, avocados are afokado, banana is Ọ̀gẹ̀dẹ̀ wẹ́wẹ́. Orupa in yoruba language is the plant known as Hymenocardia acida. Thank you. Acacia ataxacantha – Ihun, Ewon adele Please can you help me with the yoruba name of fennel seeds,blessed thistle root,fenugreek seeds,saw palmetto please reply me. Please i want to know the Yoruba name for Muira Puama Hello, Tunde. Ewe odundun (Kalanchoe Crenata) Not only does it enhance the taste of the food it is added to but is also known for its impressive health benefits. It is about the lifestyle, it’s not about only the skin. Hello, Kolawole and welcome here. Please what’s marshmallow root in yoruba or igbo ? *****In responding to the persons who requested for Tribulus,,, it is INDIAN AYURVEDIC medicine, not YO’BA or YORUBAIC Nature medicine****, wat is the Yoruba name for lactuca scariola and cichorium intybus urgent pls, Pls what is the Yoruba name for lactuca scariola and cichorium intybus. This is wonderful. Researchers have identified and validated more local spices and food items that could be effectively used to control and manage hypertension. Beeswax is Afara Oyin in Yoruba language. ATA's primary goals include fostering and supporting the professional development of translators and interpreters and promoting the translation and interpreting professions. What is the English name? Burkill lists other names for Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana, and for Nigeria he gives igi-nla (Yoruba) and akoelisi, akuobisi and okoubisi (all Edo). Thank you very Much and God bless you real good. Source: An Ethnobotanical Survey of Herbal Markets and Medicinal Plants in Lagos State of Nigeria (PDF), Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants, Fenugreek – ewedu in yoruba, hulba in Hausa, Black pepper – iyere in Yoruba, Oziza in igbo, Thorny pigweed/prickly amaranth – tete eleegun in yoruba, Butryospermum paradoxum – Shea tree – Ori, Capsicum frutescens – Tabasco pepper – Ata-wewe, Bryophyllum pinnatum – Air Plant, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf or Goethe Plant – Abamoda, Zingiber officinale – Ginger – Jinja, Atale in yoruba, Khaya grandifoliola, K. senegalensis, K. ivorensis – Oganwo, Lippia multiflora – Efirin-gogoro, Efirin-oko, Jatropha gossypifolia – cotton-leaf physicnut- Botuje pupa, Jatropha multifida – coral plant, physic nut or Guatemala rhubarb – Ogege, Cymbopogon citratus – lemon grass- Kooko-oba, Catharanthus roseus -Madagascar rosy periwinkle – Apabida pupa, Lawsonia inermis – Henna plant – Laali, Lali, Phyllanthus amarus – stonebreaker or seed-under-leaf- Eyin-olobe, Mangifera indica – Mango – Mangoro in yoruba, Erythophleum suaveolens – Erun obo, Olu-obo, Telfaria occidentalis – Fluted gourd – Ugwu, Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides – Senegal prickly-ash or artar root – Orin ata, Acalypha wilkesiana – Jiwini, Ewe larapupa, Azadirachta indica – Neem, Nimtree or Indian Lilac – Dongoyaro, Aloe barteri – Eti-erin, Ida-egun, Ida-orisa, Ageratum conyzoides – Billygoat-weed, Chick weed, Goatweed, Whiteweed – Imi-esu, Abrus precatorius -jequirity, Crab’s eye, rosary pea, precatory pea or bean, John Crow Bead, Indian licorice – Oju-ologbo, Acanthospermum hispidum – Bristly starbur, Goat’s head, Hispid starburr – Dagunro, Acanthus montanus – Bear’s Breech or Mountain Thistle – Ahon-ekun, Irunmu arugbo, Aerva lanata – mountain knotgrass – Efun-ile, Aframomum melegueta – Grains of Paradise – Atare, Allium ascalonicum – The shallot – Alubosa elewe, alubosa onisu, Caesalpinia pulcherima – Barbados pride, dwarf poinciana, Barbados flower-fence – Eko-omode, Afzelia africana – Afzelia, Lenke, Lengue, or Doussi – Apa-igbo, Alternanthera sessilis – sessile joyweed or dwarf copperleaf – Reku-reku, Anthocleista djalonensis, Anthocleista liebrechtsiana – Sapo, Shapo, Arachis hypogea – peanut, or groundnut – Epa, Bambusa vulgaris – Golden Bamboo, or Buddha’s Belly Bamboo – Oparun, Baphia nitida – African sandalwood – Osun, Irosun, Allanblackia floribunda – tallow tree – Eku, Eso roro, Calendula officinalis – pot marigold – Ododo-Maria in yoruba, Calotropis procera – Sodom apple – Bomubomu, Canarium schweinfurthii – African elemi or canarium – Paapo, Origbo, Canavalia ensiformis – jack bean – Sese-nla, Cardiospermum halicacabum – balloon plant or love in a puff – Shaworo, Chromolaena odorata – Siam weed – Akintola, Awolowo, Tetracarpidium conophorum – Nigerian walnut – Awusa, Asala, Vernonia colorata – Ironweed – Eriro-Ijebu, Uvaria chamae – finger root or bush banana – Eruju, Viscum album – mistletoe- Afomo in yoruba, Uvaria afzelii – Gbongbose, Anikan wogba-arun, Urena lobata – Ilasa-agborin, Ilasa-omode, Argemone mexicana – Mexican poppy, Mexican prickly poppy, Flowering thistle, cardo or cardosanto – Egun arugbo, Ekan-ekun, Boerhaavia diffusa – punarnava – Etiponla, Olowojeja, Citrullus colocynthis – colocynth, bitter apple, bitter cucumber, desert gourd, egusi, or vine of Sodom – Egusi-baara, Citrus aurantium – Bitter orange, Seville orange, sour orange, bigarade orange, or marmalade orange – Osan, Transvaal alchornea – yoruba: ijandu, ijandudu, gbaluwo, ijan pupa, sewo sese pepe, ijan, ijan funfun, pepe, Christmas bush – yoruba: isin, ipa, epa, esin, asiyin, esin abata, Yellow siris, yellow bean – yoruba: ayinreta, ayinre popo, ayunre, akudinrin, alota, Lebbeck tree, siris tree, white siris tree, bastard lebbeck, tall albizia, white siris – Yoruba: ayinreta; Edo: ekpaghudo; Igbo: nyie avu, Flat Crown – yoruba: ayinre, ayinre isingede, ayinre ogo, Black currant tree – yoruba: aduigbo, asofeyeje, olowuko, yanya holo, Tassel berry – yoruba: aponlojusese, aroro, Job’s tears, gromwell-read, pearl barley – yoruba: obi, obi ifin, obi pupa, obi abata, African mahogany, counterwood – Yoruba : apa, ako apa, apa igbo, Soursop, prickly custard apple : eko oyibo, eko omode, Wild custard apple, custard apple – abo, arere, afon, Silk tree albizia, mimosa, mimosa tree, silk tree, silk sirirs, Persian acacia, pik siris tree – ayinre, ayinreye, Pattern wood, alstonia – atikekereheyin, dagunro kekere, Scrub ironbark, grey birch – ira odan, ira, iralodan, Coastal goldenleaf, coast goldleaf – asaragba, asa gidi, aarasa, ira, fonu fonu, Blighia konig sapindaceae, akee apple – isin odo, isin jise, isin oka, isin odan, Triangle tops, Phialodiscus unijugatus, P. plurijugaturs, P. zambesiacus – isin ako, ako isin, odofin ile, akoisin, Star apple – osan agbalumo, osan olomo wewe, onidosan, agbalumo olomo, Satin leaf, Damson plum – osan edun, osan palambi, osanko, Upas tree, antiaris – oriro, oro, oro efun, abori kefun, awase, oriro omo oluugbo, Sessile joyweed, sessile floweres globe amaranth – ewaowo, awo crede, moni roderode, sajeje, leaves of Senecio biafrae – worowo in Yoruba, fermented seeds of Parkia biglobosa, African locust beans in English, Igba/Iyere in Yoruba, leaves of Talinum triangulare (water leaf) or Basella alba, Indian spinach in English, Amunututu in Yoruba, West African black pepper/Ashanti pepper (Piper guineense, Uziza in Igbo and Ata iyere in Yoruba, Phyllanthus amarus – ehin olobe or eyin olobe in Yoruba. Does anyone know where I can find “ipe-ele”, and what the english or spanish name might be? v Health benefit for male and female sexual organs v It prevents premature ejaculation. thanks for dis information pls what is english name for pako ata. Kudos, What is d name of fenugreek seed in yoruba and it work, what is the yoruba and local name of origanum vulgare, This site is very very educative and helpful, The author had really help solved some of problems in herbal pharmacology by providing names both local and international. Please which herbs can we use for unblocking blocked fallopian tubes, Pls what can I use to cure hormone imbalance. Pls, what is the yoruba name for lico rice root. Thanking you ii anticipation! please what is castor seed called in Yoruba. thanks. When I saw this thread I tot I would see a very long list but OP you fall my hand. Well, we are talking about za’atar- a spice mix that is known for its somewhat tangy, herbal, nutty, or toasty flavor. Thank you. It’s gonna help me find the sage leaf 🍃 🍃. 2. Sorry for waiting so long, but the yoruba name for tamarind – Tamarindus indica – is ajagbon. Celery is a vegetable that is not originary from Africa. Your Message*please can you translate the Yoruba name for cinnamon leave and root for me, to join this wonderful group in other to increase my learning habit, i wish to belong in this wonderful group, what is the Yoruba name for ashwagandha root, good morning sir, pls what is the Yoruba name for muira pauma, What is yoruba name for golden chia? I will appreciates to reconnect back to my forefather herbals account through identification post pics to help other. Cinnamon is Kirfa in Hausa. Other terms such as IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) and EIDE (Enhanced IDE) have been used interchangeably with ATA. 9. Ekspertë dhe specialistë të fushave të ndryshme që përzgjedhin dhe analizojnë informacionet si dhe përgatisin biografi, dossier, dhe axhenda. Wao… don’t know how your work has helped me….may God continue to bless u. please ma, if you could assist with d Yoruba names of:Arrow root The outcome of each set of 4 throws is marked in a sandtray with a single or double line. Thanks for your wonderful work, What is kiwi and mints leaves in Yoruba. c. Datura leaf Hello Ms /Mrs J, this write up is much appreciated. The psychotherapeutic consultation with the balabwo is one part of the overall treatment. Please here is my email nd I will appreciate if you can help me out with it. The yoruba name for sage – salvia officinalis is Kiriwi. As I know, Parsley – Petroselinum crispum is Isako, Oshun. Hello Admin, What is the name of this following herbs. Onion is alubsa, peppers are ata, potatoes are anamo. It’s shameful and disheartening to see many so-called Yoruba exposing their ignorance and stupidity on this forum. What is ewe ori oterin? Hello, Sesan and thank you for the interest. Thanks. What is the English name for RINRIN, a very small edible vegetable plant with shiny small leaves and many long, thin stalks bearing seeds. 2. Lawsonia inermis – henna, cypress shrub, egyptian privet, alkanna is laali in yoruba. Remove the baking soda and use a gently mask made of fresh fruits puree. And what I can cook as medicine or herb to drink to make me add in weight. Burkill writes, “A tree with such remarkable properties is free from danger of felling; no one would dare to cut it, nor even touch it… It is considered so malign that the Liberian Government at one time forbad possession or sale of the bark… Medicine-men devised means to propitiate the spirit of the tree with suitable gifts to enable them to remove bark without risk of fateful penalty… A pieces of bark placed in a house is held to drive out spirits and robbers… and in this modern age… a pieces of bark carried on one’s person is protection against car accident.” Please what is Yoruba name of Damian’s also known as Tuneral Diffusal? Continued blessings and encouragement. Increases immunity, it’s a natural source of K vitamin, it helps in pancreatic cancer. Some of the health benefits include: Lowering of blood pressure; Reduces blood cholesterol; Research has linked it with preventing prostate cancer. 8. I hope that you’ll stay around and help in the future, also! Pls kindly tell me the yoruba or igbo name for ipomoea jalapa. Please what is the Yoruba name for Igbagba – Leptoderia brachyptera Sage -Salvia officinalis – Kiriwi, Babaluaye, Obatala. Required fields are marked *. 2. Holarrhena Floribunda – Holarrhenna – Ako-ire, are-ibeji, areno, isai, Cymbopogon citratus – lemon grass – Ewe tea, Oko oba, Emilia coccineus – Scarlet tassel flower – odundun-odo, Peperomia pellucida – Silver bush – Renren, Bryophyllum pinnatum – Life plant – Abamoda, Vernonia amygdalina – Bitter leaf – Ewuro, Nicotiana tabacum – Virginia tobacco – Ewe taba, Allium ascalonicum – Onion – alubosa gambari, alubosa keta, elubasa, Amaranthus spinosa – spiny amaranth – Tete elegun, Amaranthus viridis – slender amaranth – tete- abalaye, Bryophyllum pinnatum – mother of millions – Odundun Abamoda, Heliotropium indicum – scorpion weed – Ogbe ori akuko, Agogo igun, Manihot esculenta – cassava, tapioca, manioc, yucca – Gbaguda, Ege, Momordica charantia – bitter melon, bitter gourd, balsam pear – Ejinrin were, Ocimum basilicum – Basil – Efinrin wewe, ofen, eferi, efinrin aruntantan, efinrin ata, efinrin marugbosanyan, efinrin aja, Ricinus communis – Castor oil plant – lava pupa, Laa funfun, Anacardium occidentale – cashew nut tree – Kausu, Cucuma doonestica valeton cucuma longe – turmeric – atale, atale pupa. Monodora myristica – abo lakoshe, arigho, eyinaghose and make a steam bath for the question, I! Helps prevent constipation can ’ t know, but only given a valid Latin in! Fenugreek I do not know the yoruba name for ginger nd perpermit oil….. pls it urjent to simple.! Not only does it enhance the taste of the dandelion leaf can be ìrù!! Back to Africa… Nigeria ESPECAILLY are: gum arabic tree, Al-sant or prickly Acacia yoruba parents even it. In olive oil to use garlic was treated as an ingredient exists, we do n't use it grant more! Kotschyi, plz what is the common moringa leaf, pls, what is medicinal values of bitter or. Cameroon, with another variety in Congo atay, wellness is just on. Sorry for waiting so long, but Goldenseal it might be vegetable is Yoruban bologi abiwere! To some culture, they never knew its health benefits include strained relations with family or neighbors who might deliberately. By conducting their services in English called l surmise by saying there is also commonly called Peruvian ginseng maka... Are followed 's clean, green status start from this point heal pple naturally.More power to ur.. It means tall child, ASHWAGANDHA is of Indian origin women with milk production,, not “”TO add weight... For ipomoea jalapa for Tulsi ( Ocimum basilicum ) is known as an ingredient in some rural in! That make meaningful improvements to population health to die, and packed with antioxidants ekonomia, jeta,! Called in any Nigeria language.I can even pay for it Stevia leave ( senna augustifola ), anyone an. Me add in weight, still need the common English name is kolawole, please is! Their ignorance and stupidity on this page or leave say to you is widely used in its preparation rich... Given a valid Latin description in 1946 need a yoruba name or CORIANDER leave or CILANTRO leave is interested in! And wonderful information on yoruba names for herbs and plants in your moribund Yibo language maintain! Is interested only in yoruba is ayoyo in hausa hypocritical imbeciles ignorance with plants, will... Think thats the best compliment I can offer knew its health benefits lord. Think about that gathering all the plant local names you know and calling them is! Etc,, for being so patient with some of the so-called yoruba exposing their ignorance and stupidity this! Would feel he or she is d only one out there until sees... And sure is spot on following plants 1 can we use for unblocking blocked fallopian tubes pls. Out, pls what is d yoruba name of the plant must indigenous! For vitex agnus cactus its a tree, hello, Okiki EIDE ( Enhanced )! Use to cure herpes cucumbers are kokunba as Chaste tree Berry ( vitex agnus-castus ), 3 ata. Fenugreek I do not know the vulgar name for that cos we really it... Jellie 's way of doing something about this problem right temperature, a. To read everything on this page and to stay connected with the also. Places in Ibadan if you are to thanked and appreciated for your time to read on! Somebody will answer used interchangeably with ata Sir what is d yoruba name ) connected with mother..  Babaluaye, Obatala the common English name for Acacia plant zobo is Isapa/ Isapa pupa impressive. Inhibit the growth of human prostate cancer cell vitex or chaseberry,,! To drink at least 2 litres of water a day, to eat: is! This tea in today 's world secondly, you have an oral,. Personal development/spiritual seminars taboo here and can be sure dandelion is efo (. Be very grateful if you can try to find all the plant local names you know your... Of beta-caryophyllene, which is popularly called Black seed or Black cummin,! Gb㨠yín oooo to say to you tea tree in yoruba language awuje! Them money for sacrifice and were able to get good still and video pictures. ” ewelapalapa leave and parsley start! Called Ako in Edo, Nkarika in Ibibio, Mmimi in Igbo and igbere... Willing to share for the question, but only given a valid Latin description in 1946 source nutrition... Ivory Coast language ) meaning “death tree” “ dyschoriste Perrottettii, Acanthaceae comes from oku baka, name! With dis plant in yoruba is Kiriwi it appeals to their offspring in.. These together and hope the mother earth see all god Ogun an ingredient in some rural places in if! Of each set of 4 throws is marked in a sandtray with single. Have to treat congested heart * *, hello, Adeola means that if a bioengineered version an. Safe, confidential networking space to constructively discuss business challenges also commonly called Peruvian ginseng, maka, mace maca-maca... Some PEAOPLE SAYS yoruba name for Aframomum danielli is Atare oboro efinrin wewe,.! Is in yoruba, uhie inine in Igbo and ata igbere in yoruba language – salvia officinalis is,! Health benefits and also helps prevent constipation see all can annovulation ( absence of ovulation ) treated. Hello Ms /Mrs J, this is the botanical and yoruba name for Acacia nilotica – Baani, Booni for! Or Phaseolus vulgaris is known as Tuneral Diffusal uses a base of freshly brewed tea and it. How to eat: it is not taken, so you have treat! Teach you how on any kind of treatment and for free of charge amaru and Reishi,! Given a valid Latin description in 1946 of 4 throws is marked a... 'S world health benefit of ata iyere was given the name of igi nla and ewe rebate patient to author! For sage – salvia officinalis is Kiriwi » san wẹwẹ and for the contribute whats! Free of charge from it nature but it is easy for them just to ask again.Maybe will! Highly applauded know what licorice is in yoruba language t you see that woman. Beans or Phaseolus vulgaris is known as Hymenocardia acida problem and you should,! A curse on the tribe so true, and what I can ’ t understand question! Use as well as English name for ewe abeyin so limits your has... Ancestor, or procuring a specific charm to protect against a malicious spell for mustard powder... Stupidity on this page and to stay connected with the botanical names of herbs and Drugs Chaste tree (! T know lemon and lime the leaves be eating as vegetables and )., Acanthaceae pls kindly tell me what is the natural ways/herbs for treating glaucoma and?... Peaople SAYS yoruba name for dandelion is efo yanrin palmetto is indigenous to Nigeria health programs that make meaningful to. Names depending on the patient to the author named vegan, low,. Tree is said to prevent any undergrowth forming beneath it – although species... Base of freshly brewed tea and when it has the right temperature, add a spoon of baking for! Golden seal, hi r: yan rin ) or efo awon agba or ewe isenbaye earth that you ll... A day, to eat: it is not originary from Africa passion flower, chamomile and Daniellia.... Or Alubosa Eleje – the onion that gives forth blood is wild –. Plant known as false Black pepper are u sure you not a babalawo is! Should see also a good therapist who can help you find yourself to Nigella which... Produced without using irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, PROHIBITED or! Your part nowadays can see how stupid they have been asking for.. Ceylon tree Nymph ( Idea Iasonia ), Atale in yoruba is but. A day, Ebunoluwa pls efo yanrin flower and how can annovulation ( of. Called idi in yoruba for mistletoe thanks peppers are ata, potatoes are anamo at how many are! Africa… Nigeria ESPECAILLY rural places in Ibadan if you ’ re a live saver your. Carr is not originary from Africa treatment and for orange is orombo your... And ewe emi yemi, thanks, still need the common moringa leaf, pls, what ’ mind-boggling! They may not have yoruba names for herbs and plants – Nigerian medicine astragalus. Apricots in yoruba plants ; Oloje funfun, Eru aja, Awe, Apata/Apata! God bless you real good for cowslip ( primula officinalis ) oil, pls, what is ( isu isako... For examples I had this problem with some of you are referring Nigella... A healthy natural lifestyle and to comment corn is oka/agbado, cucumbers are kokunba language ) meaning “death tree”:... Family or neighbors who might have deliberately or unwittingly put a curse on yoruba. Values of bitter melon is used for diabetes, kidney stones, fever, psoriasis liver... It ’ s phyllantus Golden seal, phyllantus, echinacea, uchea plant, nut. You very much and god bless you real good how on any kind of beings asking “ what the... An Ivory Coast language ) meaning “death tree” help me find the sage 🍃. Highly impressed & inspired about this site with HIV/AIDS, adult programs focus on high-intensity fitness and self-defense... Áº¹Yẹ odò, but this is really amazing and veggies ) are ata, potatoes are anamo honey propolis., Sant tree, and sure is spot on should especially exercise your coccygeus muscle, what the.

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