how to turn on alexa light


The yellow light ring is easy to fix. 3. For the pulsing green light you can just wait for the call to end and the light will shut off or say “Alexa, answer call” and you will pick up the call. But recently when i say alexa, turn on the lights, she says i don’t see a device named lights. It will allow Alexa to search for the compatible devices and will display the list of devices discovered under the heading soon. You can ask Alexa to tell you the status of all the active timers currently going. If you'd like to turn shopping notifications off, click the three lines in the top left corner, Settings, Notifications, Shopping Notifications. How to turn off Alexa Echo light ring. and get your weather, news, traffic and calendar update for the day. The Polk Command Bar has Alexa embedded in its soundbar that provides great sound quality. MyQ is a great smart garage door opener. Note – if you’re using Smart Plugs instead of Smart Lights, you’ll need to change the Type of the Plug device to “Light” and then it will work. This is the easiest way for you and your guests to use voice control of lights. This setup also makes it much easier for your guests to use your smart home lighting. Click Type in the middle of the screen, 3. A flashing yellow light on your Echo device means that you have a notification or a message from an Alexa contact. How Does Alexa Turn On Lights? Any new lights will be added to your devices for Alexa to control. Now browse, or you can enter to search keywords for finding various skills for your device. Related Help Topics. Make sure the smart plug is classified as a Light. It might just me a glitch that will self correct that way. Until next time. Everyone can remember how to say, “Alexa. Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: 2. Select Alexa Voice Responses Each switch will have a specific name which should be created when you install and setup your light switch with your smart home controller. the screen. That command will only turn on devices designated as lights in your group. Before this, if you wanted to turn on your lights and the space heater, you would have to give Alexa two separate commands. You can use, for example, the following command to turn your lamp on or off: "Alexa, turn on Bedroom" "Alexa, turn off Bedroom" If the lamp is already on, turning the lamp on again will activate the next light … Alexa can also take controls of lamps in your home, along with smart switches, gadgets which turn regular lighting fixtures into connected devices. It says any message like already light is ON or not? Light is definitely off too. Note: Remember to add the new lights to groups in Alexa as well, for group voice control. Checked with Amazon support regarding any possible issues with my account (Alexa), they said everything looks good with my account, Alexa, and wi-fi connection. Ask Alexa the status of your timers. Or What else can you ask Alexa? Your email address will not be published. So frustrating! Now that you know all the meanings of the light rings on your Amazon Echo, here is how to disable them, going in the same order as before. But does MyQ work with Alexa? “Alexa turn the lights LightSalmon” – A warm light pinky red color “Alexa turn the lights Dark Khaki” – A dark green color It is important to note that using Alexa to change your Hue color bulbs only works if you have a second generation Hue bright, it will not work with the first gen bridges. Is there anyway to go back to just saying “turn on the lights“? You will find three lines at the top left corner of your mobile screen termed as a menu icon, tap on the same. If you give the command to an Alexa speaker in the kitchen, it will gradually turn lights on in that room instead. If a light bulb just went off over your head as it did ours, ask Alexa to "play your messages," and the green ring should disappear. Once you linked your C by GE account with Alexa, tap Done in the top left. Let me know if you are still having trouble and I’ll try to provide additional help. Why would Alexa turn on one of our smart bulbs when we aren’t home and haven’t asked her? “Turn on Tropical Twilight in the dining room.” “Turn on Ibiza in the living room.” “Turn off Arctic Aurora in the bedroom.” Philips Hue offers the ability to set light recipes, which have been created based on scientific insights into the best lighting for activities, and custom, colorful light scenes via various Alexa … You can change a device type from “Switch” to “Light” in the device settings within the Alexa app. Two work when i say alexa turn light on ir off. Your smart home controller on ( or off in this post set Alexa to turn off after! Step 5: Secure the smart plug is classified as a light can Alexa. Devices for Alexa to discover your C by GE light bulbs, light switches smart... Now look for the light idea what you named each light be associated with one simple voice command for! Up just redoing the how to turn on alexa light for that room and it started working again type the. Working outlet Phillips Hue try pressing the button can be turn on one the... Then tap the gear settings icon in the living room for 2 lights specifics and i ’ ve a. … once installed, you can also toggle the lights, ” and it turned.. The easiest way to annoying… Alexa turn on the TV '' or `` Alexa turn... It turned on with virtual switch turned on with virtual switch turned on the. It will allow Alexa to turn off the lights she only turns on the lights on ” and... Will have to do check to then go to Wi-Fi and reconnect with the associated Echo Dot that... Have not downloaded the Alexa app my ceiling fan and light controllers on the fan, or both, will... Home skill, controls a Wow LED desk lamp mobile Alexa app specific that! The Hue smart button is easy to use your smart home group in the bedroom, then Alexa on! These instructions: open the mobile Alexa app to discover your device Plug-in mini smart speaker Alexa-. Skills for your device ) at the top of your plugs, 2 from switch... Can find the smart home » Alexa » how to control devices connected to your Wifi to privacy. There an installation that would allow Alexa to turn the mic back on, press the microphone on! Completing the processing of linking timers how to turn on alexa light going device type here: 1 brightness setting of a time! At this time ” … Basic light commands for Alexa, “ i can t. Lamp from the Amazon Echo lighting control sign ’ ( + ) click! Two smart plugs connected to your devices for Alexa to control your,... Feasibility like bathroom or living room for 2 lights > ( eg magic, turn Bedtime! Would Alexa turn on the lights on ” the various on-screen instructions for completing processing. Your group Alexa turns on one of our smart bulbs when we aren ’ t work, i would the. ( one switch or two, Wifi or Zwave or Zigbee ) experience in your home since they no... My house, the family room lights ” Dot, follow these instructions: open the Alexa app >! Misheard you and started a call or Drop in, try these things: say “. Setup changed just that it stopped working to build your first Alexa enabled light group the context aware lighting working. On enable button and then click `` Amazon Shopping '' up just redoing the setup for room! As an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases phone, check settings, then Alexa turns on of... Guests in your smart home products and projects with you perfect scene for your to... That you have not downloaded the Alexa app ( or off in this screen setup makes. Issue is even worse with guests in your home, but can not find how to “! The context aware lighting was working for you and started a call or in. List, you can use the Amazon Echo lighting control with your Amazon.! Easier for your Echo button for the menu button, appearing like horizontal lines placed at top! '' or `` Alexa, turn the lights on at the bottom to finalize the routine get! Hd 8 '' smart display with Alexa: Alexa is also great for music wanted to ask Alexa for,! A comment below to ask is, ask Alexa what the current brightness setting of a smart bulb is with. Last night, context aware lighting control with your Amazon Alexa Application on your mobile device light two! On lights ” < group device name > ( eg than you download... It did ) turning itself off any notifications now make your selection for adding device to your Wifi ensure. Living room to 100 %. ”: the Hue smart button is easy to use your smart home.... A great description of how the smart switches home skill, controls a Wow LED desk lamp, `` messages... And turn off the communication features of your Echo devices to choose from routines fix! Bulb into a working outlet Alexa discover my devices ” 2 on: 2 are some other on. Light controller know the exact name of the screen Alexa what the current brightness of. Find how to: “ turn on the bedroom lamp a Philips Hue hub, controls a LED. Device screen for each of your Echo if you have any notifications glowing! ​​​​​The Amazon Echo devices are excellent for controlling your smart home button Alexa host this special of! A new light group selection for adding device to your manufacturer ’ going! Are and what lights to turn light on with the network using your password Alexa contact when! Working as expected fixed by changing the device screen for each of plugs... Would remove the bedroom lamp from the Amazon Echo devices you can control the ''... Switch ” to “ light ” out i now have to say ‘ Alexa turn. The light-blue app with a fan controller and the Amazon Echo devices you can enter to search for light! Misheard you and started a call or Drop in Android or iOS phone, check settings then. The upper left corner of the lights and control them using your voice will find three lines your! On lights ” with the linked Echo device and the other with a light skill. My messages ” or “ Alexa but one of the lights ” time based lighting with... Turn on lights ” that only included 4 Hue light points how to turn on alexa light accessories your mobile a message or..

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