spelljammer crystal spheres map


As the name 'crystal sphere' implies, the objects are spherical. Lionheart The secret headquarters of the Imperial Elven Navy. "Crystal Spheres" lies on the line between the adventuring tropes of the '80s and '90s. This seems a bit absurd … (But it would be good if other people can make suggestions for improvements.) The Spelljammer Universe Guide to the Known Spheres A collection of crystal spheres canon and otherwise. [1], Most crystal spheres have natural portals that pierce the shell at various locations. Basically, every non-scientific legend of what the stars and planets are wind up being literally true in at least one crystal sphere. This article is about the celestial objects known as crystal spheres, if you are looking for the AD&D adventure module named after them see SJA3 Crystal Spheres. I'd love to see this done for other crystal spheres too. Charts and maps for crystal spheres in the Spelljammer Campaign Setting. See more ideas about spheres, map, fantasy map. [4], Someone or something created the entire universe and the gods moved in and took over. From: Kevin Scardino

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